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How to Organize Hair Accessories

Jewelry organizer

If you’re like me your daughter seems to have a never ending collection of hair accessories.

I’ve tried plastic bags, jewelry stands and containers to store her ever growing collection to no avail.

This holiday season I finally found something that I thought would work that would also appeal to my little fashionista. I’ve been patiently waiting until she opened her Christmas gifts to see if it would really work.

For our family the answer is a hanging jewelry organizer that hangs in her closet.

She has hair ties, decorative hair ties, head bands, scrunchies and hair clips all stored in this one organizer in her closet.

The velcro strips normally used for necklaces have been used for head bands. I’ve made a small addition of felt to the jewelry organizer to prevent the velcro from catching on our little girls clothes in her closet. See the pale pink strips of fabric.  As you can see some of her clips are attached on the edge of the fabric.

I got this cute organizer at Kohl’s and have seen a similar item at a local Ross store.

Hair Organizer with felt

How do you organize your daughters hair supplies?

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Cure Child Anxiety

Turnaround – Turning Fear Into Freedom

Cure Child Anxiety

Like many parents I really didn’t know how to help my child when I realized that their anxiety was stopping them from enjoying all that childhood has to offer.  Offering reassurances was no longer sufficient and I really wanted to help them.

I considered taking them to a psychologist but I was unsure how to find the right therapist.  Would the therapist be covered by insurance?  Would our child talk to the therapist?  How would we find the time to fit therapy into our already busy schedule?  How long would it take before our child would make any progress?

Being the internet sleuth that I am, I eventually stumbled across the Turnaround program.  I was so excited to find a program I could have the children use at home, when our schedule allowed.


What is Turnaround?

Turnaround: Turning Fear Into Freedom is a multi award-winning, evidence-based audio treatment program that teaches your child how to identify and stop anxious thoughts, calm distressing feelings, and courageously face their fears by using effective strategies (CBT) to overcome their anxiety. Your anxious child will listen to an adventure story designed to capture their attention while learning what anxiety is and how to overcome it. After each lesson, ten in all, your child will complete exercises in the Turnaround Journal that reinforce the material. Turnaround is unique because it is professional and child-centered.  


So far we have only listened to the first CD.  I learnt so much about my childs fears from that first session.  I’m looking forward to working on the other CDs with my children.

If you are interested in learning more about the Turnaround program you can visit http://MyAnxiousChild.com


The FTC requires that I inform you that I wasn’t paid for this review.  I will earn a commission from any sales generated from the Turnaround links on this blog.

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What People Are Saying About Thrive

THRIVE is a premium formula capsule.  There is THRIVE W for women and THRIVE M for men.

The results being reported by the limited number of people who have tried THRIVE is nothing short of amazing.  As of today there are only about 120 people who have sampled THRIVE.  These Brand Promoters earned THRIVE VIP Sample Packs for being one of the Top 20 Enrollers for the week.

K N R – “I tried Thrive W with a bit of skepticism…. I was blown away by my experience! I felt energetic, clear minded and focused. My typical muscular soreness was gone! My knee didn’t bother me and when it was time to think about eating something I felt wonderfully in control! Craved healthy choices! No pill can be a substitute for diet and exercise,but Thrive W made me feel I could take on the world!”

T M – “I have tried many “systems” & pills but nothing that compares to THRIVE.I started working out 3 weeks ago. The first week I strained my neck and had to go to the chiropactor. I was in pain, my nerves was getting the best to me since I couldnt turn my head at all. I continued to drive my school bus everyday. I won a VIP pack that same week and I was very impressed with how it made me feel. I slept better, woke up refreshed and the pain in my neck was minumum. I was blessed to have won this product and try it at a time of need. My energy level was amazing. I also lost about 4lbs. while using this and I cant wait to get some more. I am so excited about this product and love telling my story to everyone and cant wait to tell more stories as soon as you send me my next VIP PACK of THRIVE. “

 – “I am so excited about finally a company that has 1 product that really works! 1 product that has helped me lose 20 lbs! What’s ALSO, with THRIVE my chronic pain in my right hip GONE, I have Incredible energy and i find my CRAVINGS to eat GONE and the biggest surprise was and is my vision has improved it has truly changed my life what i really like is the mental clarity i have instantly when i take THRIVE and the overall feeling of good health that’s why we will get flat out RICH!”

J B – “Why I LOVE my THRIVE experience ALREADY! Three years ago I was very close to death due to Obesity. I’ve tried and used EVERY product on the market in my life time and even had Gastric Bypass surgery to lose weight. I’ve used other products but was the cost was very expensive and I had to take 5 of their products to get results. With this ONE a day “miracle” Capsule called THRIVE, I not only lost 10 pounds but I felt better than when I was using ALL 5 other products! 
Did you hear me??? That’s 10 POUNDS in ONLY 8 Days, with ONE product verses 60 pounds in six MONTHS and FIVE PRODUCTS!! Plain and simple…… do the math; 10 pounds a MONTH or 10 pounds a WEEK, FIVE VERY EXPENSIVE products or ONE VERY AFFORDABLE product? Not to mention that THRIVE not only helps with weight loss but also with your pain, stress, mood, digestion, and joint support; just to name a few and that’s ALL in ONE little ALL NATURAL CAPSULE!! Which one will you choose? Thanks LV Life for giving us THRIVE!”

M O K – ” I love the product! I am a diabetic and have been fighting my eating habit for such a long time..it’s hard to walk away from alot of foods or even get on the right track of what to eat…with the THRIVE! I feel better, no hunger, and no pain in my feet…this has been a big change over in my life and hopefully help me overcome my disease…I am a number one fan, and will continue to build my team..!!!thank you LV life for giving me my life back…”

Enroll today and place your Thrive order. 

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Vapur party pack

Vapur – the Anti-bottle

I’ve been meaning to write a review about these water bottles for some time.

I discovered a local southern California company that makes these innovative reusable water bottles last year. Both our kids have been using these bottles since then and loving them. They love the colors and the lightness of the bottles.

My husband and I love that they are dishwasher and freezer safe. As a parent, who ends up carrying all the kids stuff, the best thing is that they roll up when empty which means you’re not lugging around big empty bottles.

The bottles come in either a .5 litre size or .4 litre, a variety of colors Our children are still young so the smaller size is perfect for them. In the hot months we send one with water and another with juice.

I highly recommend you take a look at these bottles, especially if you are Back to School shopping. The Fun Size Party Pack of 8 bottles is a great way to start your Vapur Anti-Bottle collection.  To learn more visit http://Vapur.us

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Preparing For a Gluten Free 4th of July

As the 4th of July approaches we are preparing for pool parties and get togethers.

I headed to the stores tonight to stock up on much needed supplies.  Our son is Gluten Free, Casein Free and almost Corn free so running to the store and expecting to see all the items I need in stock is a thing of the past.

Here is a quick list at the items I’m stocking up on this week:

We don’t allow our children to have soda so I haven’t listed anything here.  I’ve read that Hansen’s has more natural sodas.  I have read that there are trace amounts of gluten in many of the big commercial brands.  This in addition to the artificial colors and flavorings is enough to skip them for as long as possible.

Do you have a favorite Gluten Free, Casein Free food?

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D3 Serum

D3 Serum — Pure, Live Source of Vitamin D3

D3 Serum is one of the best sources for the healthiest, natural vitamin D3. It does not contain any solvents, binders or fillers that may impair the D3 biofield or compromise the long-term benefits of this live-source vitamin D3. In fact, D3 Serum is the one vitamin D source which tests “on” to all four biofield polarities for ideal cell resonance and best health.

D3 Serum is a liquid form of Vitamin D3, not a tablet, therefore it does not contain any binders, fillers or other toxic “tag-along” substances. Vitamin D3 also does not contain magnesium stearate, an oil that has been proven to affect the immune system.

Recommended For: Ages 4+

Benefits of Vitamin D3 Serum

There are many health benefits from consuming a live source of Vitamin D. Below is a list of a few of the benefits you may get from D3 Serum:

  • Strong Immune System — People with more direct sunlight exposure or higher levels of vitamin D3 were found to have a stronger immune system. Vitamin D3 recpetors are known to exist on most immune cells and may play a role in maintaining healthy immune cell maturity, differentiation and integration.
  • Bone Metabolism — Vitamin D3 supplements have been proven to support hip and non-vertabral bone health. Vitamin D is essential for healthy calcium metabolism, as it promotes intestinal calcium and phospohorus uptake. Calcium orotate supplements also provide an ultra absorbable form of calcium that is recommended for optimal bone health.
  • Nerve Function — Research has indicated that vitamin D may play a role in neural health by supporting healthy nerve conduction potential.
  • Cognition — Studies of the elderly, has shown that higher levels of vitamin D is linked to healthy mental function and improved mood.
  • Healthy Heart — The correct levels of vitamin D3 has been linked to healthy blood flow and relaxation of the blood vessels.

Suggested Use:

Put 1-3 drops in a veggie capsule or directly in the mouth, take daily with meals. While it seems like a small amount, one drop contains 2200 IU, which will provide you with more than the recommended amount of daily Vitamin D. Taking more than 6000 IU/day is not recommended unless approved by your health care practitioner. This vitamin d3 supplement is approved for use for children aged four and above. If you are pregnant or lactating, consult a physician before use.

  • Ages 4-6 — Put 1 drop directly in the mouth, every other day with meals
  • Ages 7+ — Put 2 drops directly in the mouth, every other day with meals

My daughter and I put a drop on our spoon with breakfast; she begs for it daily.  I don’t tolerate oils very well and am able to take this multiple times a week without reaction.

In 1941, 400 IU/day was the recommended dietary allowance for vitamin D. This amount was believed to help prevent D deficiency and rickets. However, scientists are now calling for an increase to the recommended amount, between 1,000 to 6,000 IU/day. It is believed that these increased levels of vitamin D will provide the best support for the immune system, vascular, cognitive, mucosal and reproductive health and more.

The Importance of Vitamin D for Health

Vitamin D is one of the only nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis. The body is designed to absorb a sufficient amount of Vitamin D by exposure to sunlight, however, most of us don’t spend enough time in the sun to get the recommended amount of vitamin D. As a result, it is not uncommon for people to have low levels of Vitamin D, and not even realize it.

While there are many foods containing Vitamin D, they are not always an adequate source for Vitamin D3. Consuming many types of fish, such as salmon, catfish, mackerel, sardines and tuna, can be a great source of Vitamin D, but it’s best to eat only the fish caught from the wild. With many types of fish, you also have to worry about being exposed to mercury.

Recommended Reading:

Supplement Facts & Ingredients for D3 Serum

Add to Cart
D3 Serum™ — Ingredients
.5 fl oz/bottle (15 ml) — Serving Size: One Drop (0.09 ml)
Servings Per Container: approx. 165
Vitamin D3 (2200 IU/serving)                            0.09 ml       550%
Other Ingredients:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, D-Alpha Tocopherol

Our Quality Guarantee: No magnesium stearate (a toxic excipient), corn, milk, soy, salt, sugar, wheat, yeast, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. No Binders or Fillers. Store in a cool, dry place.

D3 Serum can be kept at room temperature and does not need to be kept refrigerated.  The source of D3 Serum is from lanolin from sheep wool.

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skechers shape ups

Skechers Shape-Up Sneakers

So you’ve seen the ads and you’re probably wondering if these rocking shoes are worth all the fuss and the money.

I got a pair a few months ago at a Kohls sale and I have to say I like mine. 

Skechers Shape Ups have a thick rocking sole which has been ideal for my feet.  I have arthritis in the front of my left foot and my fat pad has dissolved so prior to buying Skechers Shape Ups days out at amusement parks with the family where painful and inevitably not as enjoyable as they could have been.   

We have just gotten back from three days at Disneyland and we walked a lot, including to and from the hotel.  I was able to keep up with my husband and kids without having to take pain relievers throughout the day.  For additional foot support I do have a 2/3 length arch support that I wear in all my flat shoes.

So the big question is do they really tone your legs and rear?  For me they do, but I have to confess I don’t exercise unless you count running up and down the stairs in our home when I’m doing laundry….

The first day I wore the shoes was at Universal Studios and I used our sons jogger stroller for balance as I got used to the shoes and using muscles that were unfamiliar.  I felt my inner thighs and bottom got a work out although wearing the shoes consistently did not feel like it produced the same results.  When we went to Disneyland this weekend I hadn’t worn the Shape Ups in a while and I did feel the burn just like a did the first time I wore them.   After three days I am definitely feeling it in my legs instead of in my feet.

Due to the thickness of the soles I have been wearing these shoes with my jeans.  I like being a little taller and having the option to wear comfortable shoes instead of boots.

If you have the money and want to get more out of your walks then Skechers Shape Ups are a great purchase. 

What’s your favorite Skechers Shape Up shoe?

This post is part of the Blog Dare Challenge at BloggyMoms.com.

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Oxy-Powder 468x60 colon cleanser for healthy bowels

Oxy-Powder® – Colon Cleanse

If you’re suffering from constipation, you are no doubt looking for some answers to bring relief.  Treatments for constipation vary with the type of constipation from which you’re suffering.

If you experience constipation for more than 1 week, you should consult your healthcare provider to determine the cause of your problem.  Most people are suffering as a result of lifestyle changes and choices.  For some people, though, constipation can signal a more serious problem such as a bowel obstruction or even colon cancer. If your bowel movements smell foul it is your body giving you a warning signal!  Listen to your body.

If you are like me you probably know that you should be drinking enough water, getting enough exercise and eating healthy. Over the years I have tried many over the counter and natural remedies to help relieve my constipation and had almost given in when I discovered Oxy-Powder®.

Cleansing with Oxy-Powder® can:

  • Cleanse, Refresh, and Detoxify
  • Eliminate Waste Clogging Your Colon
  • Help Restore and Maintain Regularity
  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Maximize Absorption Of Vital Nutrients
  • Renew Vitality 

Taking Oxy-Powder® is very easy to do and very gentle on the stomach.  I had no cramping and needed less than the recommended dose of 4 capsules.  I completed the 7 day cleanse and have recently completed a maintenance cleanse. 

If you suffer from chronic constipation, including constipation predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and doctors have ruled out a medical cause, I highly recommend that try Oxy-Powder®.

Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Oxy-Powder 468x60 colon cleanser for healthy bowels

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XYNG - updated review

XYNG – updated review

In mid January I got the privilege of trying XYNG before it’s release to the public on February 20th, 2010.

Prior to trying the product I was told it could give me energy without the typical jitters associated with other high caffeine products.

I have to say that as with most things I was quite skeptical. I was given two capsules and told to take only 1. Within 30 minutes I noticed a difference. I felt less tired, not jittery and felt like my mind was thinking much clearer. As the day progressed and the phone calls from the family began I noticed that I wasn’t feeling annoyed as I may normally have been.

I figured this may have been a fluke, so the next day when my husband was trying to get us all packed and into the car on time, I decided to take another pill. To my surprise the stress of being in a car for 4 hours with my OCD husband and two young children was much easier to deal with.

Another added bonus of XYNG is that it is also helps control your appetite.

I have already ordered my first box of XYNG. It will be shipped around February 20th and I can’t wait for it to arrive. Personally I think my husband would like it to arrive a little sooner some days.

If you would like to learn more about XYNG, including a list of ingredients visit http://XYNG.WhyXyngular.com

To place an order visit http://Xyngular.com/rebeccad or send me an email at rebecca@WhyXyngular.com

—————————————  Review Update April 24th 2010  —————————————

I have now been taking XYNG daily for about 6 weeks.  During this time I have changed the time I take XYNG from mid-morning to first thing in the morning before breakfast.  This change made a huge difference for me.  I am so EXCITED about this product.  I love the feeling of calm I have from XYNG and losing approximately 6 lbs in the same time period with no change in routine is fantastic! 

The most important thing to remember when taking XYNG is to remember to eat!  Yes, that’s right.  There are so many days that I forget to eat a snack or lunch and need to remind myself to eat something before picking the kids up from school.  This is highly unusual for me as I used to have to eat every 2-3 hours and would normally be munching on a bag of M&Ms by mid-afternoon.

I have fibromyalgia which leaves me exhausted some days.  If I find myself needing more patience in the afternoon I just take a second XYNG. 

If you would like to learn more about XYNG, including a list of ingredients visit http://XYNG.WhyXyngular.com

To place an order visit http://Xyngular.com/rebeccad or send me an email at rebecca@WhyXyngular.com if you have any questions.

Note: This review is a personal opinion of a Xyngular product that I have been taking daily for at least 1 month, at the time of publishing. Any claims are purely those of the author and not those of Xyngular.

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Arbonne RE9 Body Serum and Body Lotion

Arbonne RE9 Body Serum and Body Lotion

I have been fortunate this week to have a savvy business woman from Connect2Mums review 2 body products from Arbonne’s line. As an Independent Consultant with Arbonne I personally love these products, but it is always nice to hear how much others enjoy the products also.

Here is the review as it appears on Connect2Mums

Arbonne NutriminC RE9 Body Serum & Body Lotion
review by Monique Nickalls

For the last week or two I have been using the Arbonne REactivating Body Serum and the Arbonne REfinish Hydrating Body Lotion as part of my daily body skincare routine – these beautifully presented products are available online from Arbonne Independent Consultant Rebecca Doll at www.try.myarbonne.com 

The first thing I noticed about these products was the lovely light orange scent. It is not overpowering or overwhelming, and it still allows the wearing of perfume without clashing (which is brilliant, I find creams that have a strong scent hard to wear as I like to use my favourite perfume in the day, and I don’t like any strong scents at night).

Following the product instructions, the Body Serum is used first. A quick couple of pumps and it takes just seconds to smooth over a little of the Body Serum. The Serum is absorbed super quick and feels quite refreshing and silky.

Next is the application of the Body Lotion. Because of using the Serum first, I found I only needed to use a tiny bit of the Lotion. It is very rich and creamy (but not at all greasy), and soaks in quickly so you don’t have to stand there for ages trying to rub it in. Using the cream each day has left my skin feeling very hydrated and smooth – even my husband has commented how soft my skin feels! And its great to use on feet too!

Even though you use the Serum and the Lotion as a 2-step product, I have found

it is just as quick to use as other creams, which I was a little surprised about. Even though my skincare routines are practically non-existent being busy with children and businesses, I didn’t mind using these at all – in fact they brought a little luxury into my day using such gorgeous products each morning.

Overall, I found the Arbonne Body Serum and Body Lotion to be luxurious and effective products. The set would be a perfect treat for yourself if you need a body cream, or it would make a fantastic gift for a Mum or Mother In Law!

Visit www.try.myarbonne.com

to read more about these lovely skincare products.

I am honoured to be conducting this review as part of the “Product Review Team” at CONNECT 2 MUMS.

Monique can be found at her site packed with unique handcrafted gifts for bubs, toddlers & Mums, www.YourCheekyMonkey.com.au


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Potty Training in 1 to 3 Days.
Proven System For Potty Training Toddlers Within 1 To 3 Days, Without Stress.
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