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Submerged VBS Christ the King Lutheran Newbury Park

Vacation Bible School – Newbury Park

As a parent it’s always a challenge to find Summer Camps for our children that they want to go to.

Every year my kids are excited about attending Vacation Bible School at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Newbury Park.  When our son was old enough he began volunteering and continues to do so.

If you are looking for a fun week of Summer Camp for your children in Newbury Park I highly recommend you consider VBS at Christ the King Lutheran Church.

Submerged VBS Christ the King Lutheran Newbury Park


Christ the King
Lutheran Vacation Bible School

3947 W Kimber Dr Newbury Park, CA 805-498-2217

Monday, June 27, 2016 –
Friday, July 1, 2016

9:30a.m. – 12:30p.m.

Cost: $30


Registration Open Today!

at   www.ctknp.com

 Onsite registration
available on June 27 if space allows.

Bonnie Hicks VBS Director

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Kids Yoga Thousand Oaks Summer 2016

Summer Yoga For Kids in Thousand Oaks

Bodysattva Healing Arts Center in Thousand Oaks is offering a 9-Week Series for Kids Ages 8 to 16.

When: Wednesdays, June 15th to August 10th 2016 4:45pm to 5:45pm.

Last year my daughter was able to participate in 5 weeks of classes and really enjoyed it.  So much so, that she is coming back to take the classes again this year.  As a parent of a tween anything they are willing to repeat is a winner in my book.

Kids Yoga Thousand Oaks Summer 2016

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How to Prevent Summer Slide

If you’re a parent of a child in Elementary school you’ve undoubtedly heard about Summer Slide.

It seems like every year my kids get a list of activities to do during the summer to help prevent the Summer Slide.  I’ve tried following all the directions from the teachers, activity workbooks and even summer reading skills classes.

Two years ago I decided there had to be a better way.  I needed a way to monitor how much work each of my kids were doing.  Our first year we tried an online program that came with tutoring.  This didn’t offer the flexibility that I needed during the summer.  Some weeks my kids are in all day summer camps leaving little time for this independent study, other weeks they are in half days camp and have plenty of time.

Last year we decided to try Gifted and Talented from Stanford University.  I was cautiously optimistic after our previous years experience and wondered if this program could meet our expectations.  I was pleasantly surprised that not only did it meet our expectations but it exceeded them.

I loved that the graphics and questions are customized to your childs interests. I also like the reports that I can run showing how much time they are logged in, how many questions were attempted, how many attempts per question etc.   The Language Arts and Writing program allows you to see grade placement throughout the course in 5 different areas.  Math has similar tracking options.  We found this beneficial to see how our child really compared based on standards.

Overall I think this is a great option to prevent summer slide, that allows your child to move at their own pace whilst still having accountability.  Don’t let the name of the program deter you from trying with a student who is struggling academically. Both the elementary english and math started with self assessment quizzes that automatically set the appropriate level for your child.

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Gluten Free Waffles

Gluten free, dairy free waffles

Gluten Free WafflesAfter being gluten and dairy free for a few years our son has been really wanting a waffle that looks and tastes like the ones served at restaurants.

He’d tried a waffle made in a waffle iron when we were at Disney World and loved it.

When I saw a gluten free Waffle and Pancake mix available from The Little Aussie Bakery I just had to order it.

It took me a while to get uthe nerve to try the mix as I’ve never made waffles before, which means it’s also the first time I’ve used my waffle maker.

This waffle and pancake mix contains 2 packets. Each packet makes about 6 waffles.

The Little Aussie Bakery Pancake and Waffle mix


You’ll need:
4 eggs,
1/4 cup lemon juice and
1.5 cups of milk.
I used So Delicious milk although The Little Aussie Bakery recommends canned milk.

Every waffle I made turned out great. My kids couldn’t eat all of them so I saved 2 for the next day. The waffles reheated very nicely in the toaster oven on the toaster setting.

* This review is my own opinion and not sponsored.



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How to Organize Hair Accessories

Jewelry organizer

If you’re like me your daughter seems to have a never ending collection of hair accessories.

I’ve tried plastic bags, jewelry stands and containers to store her ever growing collection to no avail.

This holiday season I finally found something that I thought would work that would also appeal to my little fashionista. I’ve been patiently waiting until she opened her Christmas gifts to see if it would really work.

For our family the answer is a hanging jewelry organizer that hangs in her closet.

She has hair ties, decorative hair ties, head bands, scrunchies and hair clips all stored in this one organizer in her closet.

The velcro strips normally used for necklaces have been used for head bands. I’ve made a small addition of felt to the jewelry organizer to prevent the velcro from catching on our little girls clothes in her closet. See the pale pink strips of fabric.  As you can see some of her clips are attached on the edge of the fabric.

I got this cute organizer at Kohl’s and have seen a similar item at a local Ross store.

Hair Organizer with felt

How do you organize your daughters hair supplies?

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Allergy Free Chocolate Lollipops

Having a child who can’t have dairy can be tough during the holidays.

I used to be very scared of making anything with chocolate as I thought it would be really hard. For me, I think chocolate treats are probably the easiest to make now.

The first step is to choose an allergy free chocolate. Enjoy Life has dairy, nut and soy free chocolate chips that are made in a gluten free facility. Our family favorite at the moment are Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips. Note: these do contain soy and may contain milk.

What you’ll need before you start:

1 Candy mold (can be found at a local craft store like Joann’s)
Allergy free chocolate chips
1 cup Pyrex glass measuring cup

1. Fill saucepan with enough water to cover bottom half of the Pyrex measuring cup.
2. Heat water.
3. Place chocolate chips in Pyrex
4. Rest the Pyrex on the edge of the saucepan for a few mins. Remove as soon as chocolate chips look like they are starting to melt.
5. Stir chocolate until smooth.
6. Return to hot water if needed. Stir until smooth.
7. Carefully pour chocolate into molds.
8. Twist lollipop stick into chocolate.
9. Place lollipops in freezer to set.
10. Remove from freezer and rest on counter.
11. If all goes well you should be able to remove the lollipops from the mold after about 10 minutes.

You may notice that I’m not using a microwave to melt the chocolate. Chocolate burns easily and I’m doing my best to avoid using the microwave. If you choose to use a microwave be careful not to let the chocolate burn.

One of my christmas trees broke tonight as I tried to get it out of the mold. This is the first time I’ve had this happen. I recommend choosing molds with solid shapes versus more intricate designs to start with.



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Cure Child Anxiety

Turnaround – Turning Fear Into Freedom

Cure Child Anxiety

Like many parents I really didn’t know how to help my child when I realized that their anxiety was stopping them from enjoying all that childhood has to offer.  Offering reassurances was no longer sufficient and I really wanted to help them.

I considered taking them to a psychologist but I was unsure how to find the right therapist.  Would the therapist be covered by insurance?  Would our child talk to the therapist?  How would we find the time to fit therapy into our already busy schedule?  How long would it take before our child would make any progress?

Being the internet sleuth that I am, I eventually stumbled across the Turnaround program.  I was so excited to find a program I could have the children use at home, when our schedule allowed.


What is Turnaround?

Turnaround: Turning Fear Into Freedom is a multi award-winning, evidence-based audio treatment program that teaches your child how to identify and stop anxious thoughts, calm distressing feelings, and courageously face their fears by using effective strategies (CBT) to overcome their anxiety. Your anxious child will listen to an adventure story designed to capture their attention while learning what anxiety is and how to overcome it. After each lesson, ten in all, your child will complete exercises in the Turnaround Journal that reinforce the material. Turnaround is unique because it is professional and child-centered.  


So far we have only listened to the first CD.  I learnt so much about my childs fears from that first session.  I’m looking forward to working on the other CDs with my children.

If you are interested in learning more about the Turnaround program you can visit http://MyAnxiousChild.com


The FTC requires that I inform you that I wasn’t paid for this review.  I will earn a commission from any sales generated from the Turnaround links on this blog.

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What People Are Saying About Thrive

THRIVE is a premium formula capsule.  There is THRIVE W for women and THRIVE M for men.

The results being reported by the limited number of people who have tried THRIVE is nothing short of amazing.  As of today there are only about 120 people who have sampled THRIVE.  These Brand Promoters earned THRIVE VIP Sample Packs for being one of the Top 20 Enrollers for the week.

K N R – “I tried Thrive W with a bit of skepticism…. I was blown away by my experience! I felt energetic, clear minded and focused. My typical muscular soreness was gone! My knee didn’t bother me and when it was time to think about eating something I felt wonderfully in control! Craved healthy choices! No pill can be a substitute for diet and exercise,but Thrive W made me feel I could take on the world!”

T M – “I have tried many “systems” & pills but nothing that compares to THRIVE.I started working out 3 weeks ago. The first week I strained my neck and had to go to the chiropactor. I was in pain, my nerves was getting the best to me since I couldnt turn my head at all. I continued to drive my school bus everyday. I won a VIP pack that same week and I was very impressed with how it made me feel. I slept better, woke up refreshed and the pain in my neck was minumum. I was blessed to have won this product and try it at a time of need. My energy level was amazing. I also lost about 4lbs. while using this and I cant wait to get some more. I am so excited about this product and love telling my story to everyone and cant wait to tell more stories as soon as you send me my next VIP PACK of THRIVE. “

 – “I am so excited about finally a company that has 1 product that really works! 1 product that has helped me lose 20 lbs! What’s ALSO, with THRIVE my chronic pain in my right hip GONE, I have Incredible energy and i find my CRAVINGS to eat GONE and the biggest surprise was and is my vision has improved it has truly changed my life what i really like is the mental clarity i have instantly when i take THRIVE and the overall feeling of good health that’s why we will get flat out RICH!”

J B – “Why I LOVE my THRIVE experience ALREADY! Three years ago I was very close to death due to Obesity. I’ve tried and used EVERY product on the market in my life time and even had Gastric Bypass surgery to lose weight. I’ve used other products but was the cost was very expensive and I had to take 5 of their products to get results. With this ONE a day “miracle” Capsule called THRIVE, I not only lost 10 pounds but I felt better than when I was using ALL 5 other products! 
Did you hear me??? That’s 10 POUNDS in ONLY 8 Days, with ONE product verses 60 pounds in six MONTHS and FIVE PRODUCTS!! Plain and simple…… do the math; 10 pounds a MONTH or 10 pounds a WEEK, FIVE VERY EXPENSIVE products or ONE VERY AFFORDABLE product? Not to mention that THRIVE not only helps with weight loss but also with your pain, stress, mood, digestion, and joint support; just to name a few and that’s ALL in ONE little ALL NATURAL CAPSULE!! Which one will you choose? Thanks LV Life for giving us THRIVE!”

M O K – ” I love the product! I am a diabetic and have been fighting my eating habit for such a long time..it’s hard to walk away from alot of foods or even get on the right track of what to eat…with the THRIVE! I feel better, no hunger, and no pain in my feet…this has been a big change over in my life and hopefully help me overcome my disease…I am a number one fan, and will continue to build my team..!!!thank you LV life for giving me my life back…”

Enroll today and place your Thrive order. 

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Dream Catcher Weighted Blanket

I got our son a weighted blanket a little over a year ago.

When I was researching the different options I knew I wanted a product that was both machine washable and could go in the dryer. I also wanted a blanket that my son would like touching his skin.

He was so happy when he got to custom pick the fabrics for his blanket.

I decided on a toddler size 36 * 52 blanket in custom in a dinosaur fabric from Dream Catcher Weighted Blanket. Our blanket is used every night to help our son fall asleep and stay asleep. He also uses it during the day if he’s having trouble calming down or watching TV.

We take his blanket with us whenever we travel including on plane flights.  It comes to the orthodontist office or in the car on long road trips.  It is well made with the weight evenly distributed and constructed of cotton.

Weighted blankets are great for people with Fibromyalgia, Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, Restless Leg Syndrome, Anxiety, ADHD and many other conditions. To see a full list of conditions and benefits of weighted blankets visit the Dream Catcher website.

Our son has grown quite a bit in the past year and loves the weight of his blanket so we are looking at getting him a new blanket. We just need to decided if we keep our current blanket or use the Dream Catcher Blanket Exchange Program.

Do you or someone you love use a weighted blanket?


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Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

Since our son started his gluten and dairy free diet these Almond Flour Chocolate Chip cookies have become my favorite.

I found this recipe at Elana’s pantry.  Elana has written 2 great gluten-free cookbooks.

These cookies are a favorite for me as they taste great, are high in calcium and are gluten-free, dairy-free, casein-free, egg-free and have a low glycemic index.

I like to eat foods that are good for me and taste good and this one is a winner all round.

Our son prefers them with chocolate chips from Trader Joes (which are dairy-free), rather than dark chocolate.  It can take a few tries to get used to baking with almond flour but it can be done and it’s worth the effort.

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