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Tired of Information Overload?

Tired of Information Overload?

If you have been looking into marketing your business online then you have most likely reached information overload at some point. 

To be successful in business it is necessary to delegate tasks, if you haven’t done this yet it’s time that you do.

Mike Dillard has a new training program called What’s Working Now.  This solution will allow you to start leveraging other peoples knowledge.  Start reducing your workload by utilizing this knowledge from the best people in the industry to help you make decisions on what’s right for your business.

Go find out what this is all about.


Isn’t it time you to had more money, more time and more leads for your business?

Dont’ miss out on your custom case and USB stick.

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How to customize Facebook URLs

I am sure you would agree that the really long URLs that Facebook generates when you create a personal Facebook Profile or Page are confusing and can easily mistyped.

Did you know that once a Page has 25 fans you can change the URL?

Whilst logged into Facebook open the following URL.  http://www.facebook.com/username/

Your personal profile will be checked first.  If you do not have enough friends then you won’t be able to change your URL yet. 

There will also be an option to Set a username for your Pages

Once you select this option a new box will open allowing you to select the Page Name you want to modify.  If you don’t have enough Fans (25) then you will see a message explaining that this will be available.

Once complete you will have a URL you can share that resembles http://Facebook.com/MyBusiness

Have a great day.

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How do I create an online contact form?

I have pondered this question many times before and for some reason didn’t go searching for the answer.

Recently I created a new site and I was fortunate that the design tool I was using came with customizable forms. This got me to thinking about how I could create more forms and put them on my blog or on a Facebook fan page.

Luckily for me I have a friend and colleague who seems to have a knack for finding these things. He sent me the link to Email Me Form and we have both been having fun creating forms and testing them out.

Email Me Form has free and paid accounts. You can compare their plans to determine which one meets your needs.

For right now the free account meets my needs. I am very happy to have been able to implement a form in just a short period of time, rather than having to learn the html code myself.

You can see the form I created with Email Me Form here.

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What is Connect2Mums?

What is Connect2Mums?

Connect2mums (C2M) is a new, fast growing interactive magazine. It’s an online network designed by mothers for mothers.

Connect2Mums creator and founder, Paula Kuhnemann saw a need in the market for a website where women could get together and share information. “Being a mum can be quite lonely. I wanted to create a place where mums could gather in their own time without ever needing to leave the house.”

It seems the idea is exactly what mums were after. Member growth is substantial with 500 members joining connect2mums in just six weeks! And, the rate of growth is steadily increasing by the day.

connect2mums provides members with relevant information and opportunities to interact and socialise with other mums across Australia and New Zealand. Weekly Live chats, newsletters, product reviews, events, news and articles are just some of the ways women get connected at connect2mums.

“My purpose in life is to empower women to reach their full potential and support them in their quest for the seemingly unattainable Family/Work Balance. I believe you can have it all but not without support and connections.” Says Paula

So, where are all the mums? At connect2mums, of course!

For more information or an interview, please contact
Paula at connect2mums@yahoo.com.au

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Frank Bauer’s New Ad Tracking & Split Testing System

Listen, I just wanted to let you quickly know about my friend, Frank Bauer’s, latest service site… when I saw it, I snatched it up right away. Have you done so too?

Frank calls it the Add2it Go-To System… the one-stop ads, visitors, clicks, actions & sales conversion tracking & split testing solution.

All the top marketers use this to double, triple and quardruple their results… a must have service!

I am sure you will agree once you get your hands on it yourself…


Why Should You Take Advantage Of The Add2it Go-To System?

Here’s what makes the Add2it Go-To System such a smart choice…

– This system protects all of your affiliate links from commission hijackers!

– This system lets you see how well your website or squeeze page converts visitors to sales!

– This system lets you easily track, manage and edit hundreds of your promotions!

– This system tracks your Return On Investment (ROI) from online as well as offline promotions!

– This system doubles, triples and quadruples your conversion rate thanks to the built-in split testing system!

And this is just the beginning! Learn all by clicking below!


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Where can Business People go for Networking?

OK. So most of you have probably heard about MySpace. In my personal opinion it is great for those in their teens and twenties but once you are out of your twenties the appeal and the content don’t have as much value.

I tried a couple of the web sites/forums for moms and they are good for chatting but on the most part I found the same opportunities offered by many different people. A lot of people were looking for answers but very few were sharing.

I have a knack for finding things by accident. I found DirectMATCHES as part of the SpiderWeb Marketing System. So far I have been very impressed with the opportunity to email, blog and advertise in an environment where I am not constantly being harassed by others about their opportunities.

That being said, you will get emails from others. The idea of the site is to network. If you happen to have something that can benefit someone else then great. If you would like to know more about DirectMATCHES check out my site. http://www.directmatches.com/alwaystraveling-cust

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How do I get traffic to my website or blog?

If it is a blog then you should be able to use key words and content to drive the traffic.  This does rely on you regularly updating your blog.  Don’t forget to register your blog with the search engines and ping it. – All for free. 

If you are using WordPress you can use a Plugin to have your new posts and/or updated posts sent to pingomatic automatically.

Another important step for getting traffic to your blog is sharing your new blog post on Twitter and Facebook.  You can use Networked Blogs on Facebook with an RSS feed to have your posts fed to Facebook.  If your blog is a business one and you also have a Fan Page, then you can have the Feed posted directly to your Fan Page.  If your Facebook Page is linked to a Twitter account then a new Tweet will be automatically sent at the same time.

With Networked Blogs you can add a Widget to your blog to get followers.  People can follow by visiting your blog or you can send invites to your friends to follow from within Facebook.

For a website with static content driving traffic to your site is not the same as with a blog.  If you are selling a product and/or service then I recommend listing your business with as many free online directories as possible.  Start with the top 5 for your country and continue to add another 5 a week.  In the USA, Merchant Circle has been a great resource for us.  If you want additional exposure you may want to look into upgrading to a paid service.

Another option is to set up reciprocal marketing with another blog or site owner.  You put a link/ad on your website in exchange for your link on another.  There are questions amongst Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts as to whether this is a good strategy and whether two or three sites are required.  Opinions on this topic will probably change from month to month so I recommend doing a little bit of research if you are concerned about potential negative impact to your search engine rankings.  

Do you have additional suggestions or questions?

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30% Off + Free 14 Day Shipping


Once you have decided on a home business the next step is to look at Marketing.

You can market both online and offline.

Here are just a few of your offline marketing options:

  • Postcards
  • Business Cards
  • Return mailing labels
  • Car Magnets
  • Apparel
  • Flyers
  • Yes marketing is going to cost you money, but you have to spend money to make money.

    I recently found a company that has FREE marketing items available and I have been very happy with their products.

    I would highly recommend you take a look at 30% Off + Free 14 Day Shipping

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