Rebecca Doll head shot I’m an Aussie Network Marketer and Blogger who now lives in sunny Southern California with my American husband and two children.

I started working at a very young age at a family friends Fish & Chip shop.  It was my decision to start working at 11, although my mum was quite hesitant.  There were things I wanted that she couldn’t afford to buy and I didn’t see why I couldn’t work to get them for myself.  Until I was 22 I worked in a few different retail positions including the Layby Department at Kmart and Just Jeans.

Once I had my Information Technology degree, I was excited to join the corporate world so that I could start working as a Business Analyst and design computer applications.  Over the 20 years since I have spent a lot of time in contract positions and had the opportunity to work in England, New Zealand and the USA.  I was very fortunate to fill many roles in the software development life cycle, including programmer, report writer, tester, QA Analyst and Sr QA/Business Analyst.

As parents my husband and I have decided that we would like to be the ones to take our children to after school activities, that we’d like to be home to eat dinner with them at night and to tuck them in at night.  Most corporate positions don’t allow for this level of flexibility.  This lead me to investigate the possibility of turning my 20 year hobby of researching nutritional and alternative health options into a business.  I have chosen to represent certain companies as a Distributor or Affiliate based on a genuine belief in their products or services.

* The FTC requires me to inform you that I may make money from the products or services advertised or reviewed on this blog.  All products reviewed by me were purchased by our family for personal use.  No company has provided me with free products or payed me to write a positive review of their product or service.

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  1. Hello

    I am also an Aussie Mum, of a 1-year-old daughter. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to work from home. I am currently a consultant for a “party-plan” company, but it’s not going so well, as I’m a terrible salesperson.

    Would you mind providing me with as much information as possible about working from home as you do, including any pre-requisite ‘qualifications’ (IT background etc), and possibly how to get started.

    I appreciate any information you can give.

    Kind regards

    Heidi Fridolf – Cairns

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    Loved this information about you my Friend !!!
    The blog on the cell phone was great!!

    Tell your Aussie Mon the biggest reqirement she needs to do a home based business is to believe in the company and have a passion for what she is doing !!

    Have a fantastic day!

  3. Hi,
    Great site, with a lot of helpful information. I’ve been interested in finding a way to work from home, especially since my son has been so sick lately and we’ve been keeping him home most of the time anyway! I’m a new blogger, as well as a writer. Any ‘beginner’s information’ would be greatly appreciated!

    I found you on the bloggymoms website.


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