Vaxxed : From Cover Up to Catastrophe

When Vaxxed was first released in Los Angeles I saw it as soon as I could.

Why? Because I am a parent of vaccine injured children.

My children are meant to be 1 in a Million or so the CDC and the media would lead you to believe.

Whether you are a parent or single I implore you to go and see this movie.

There are over 200 vaccines in the development pipeline.  As a consumer, you need to know about how the CDC does vaccine studies.  States are removing Personal Belief and Religious Exemptions to attend school.  Colleges are requiring vaccines to attend both undergraduate and post graduate study.  The Adult vaccine schedule is being updated and there are proposals to make it mandatory.

To find a local theater visit the Vaxxed The Movie website.

Feel free to leave a review below in the comments once you’ve seen the movie.

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