How to Organize Hair Accessories

Jewelry organizer

If you’re like me your daughter seems to have a never ending collection of hair accessories.

I’ve tried plastic bags, jewelry stands and containers to store her ever growing collection to no avail.

This holiday season I finally found something that I thought would work that would also appeal to my little fashionista. I’ve been patiently waiting until she opened her Christmas gifts to see if it would really work.

For our family the answer is a hanging jewelry organizer that hangs in her closet.

She has hair ties, decorative hair ties, head bands, scrunchies and hair clips all stored in this one organizer in her closet.

The velcro strips normally used for necklaces have been used for head bands. I’ve made a small addition of felt to the jewelry organizer to prevent the velcro from catching on our little girls clothes in her closet. See the pale pink strips of fabric. ¬†As you can see some of her clips are attached on the edge of the fabric.

I got this cute organizer at Kohl’s and have seen a similar item at a local Ross store.

Hair Organizer with felt

How do you organize your daughters hair supplies?

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