Using Shutterfly for your AYSO Soccer Team

If you are a Team Parent for your childs soccer team it may have been suggested that a Shutterfly site can help you communicate with the team.

Shutterfly is a great tool to share practice times, games, team party and photos.

If you’ve used Shutterfly before then you are probably used to setting up a new Share Site.

I discovered that there is an easier option if your Region has registered your teams.  In Newbury Park, Region 42 has done this.

All you need to do is have the coach forward you an activation email.

If your coach is unfamiliar with the process you can go to the Shutterfly Coaches page.

Enter your coach’s email address on the right hand side of the screen and select the Find my team button.

A list of teams will appear.  Below each team you will see a button labeled Request the email

Pressing this button will send an email to the coach.  The coach can then forward the email and you can set up the site.

You may be wondering what the benefits are of using this link to set up your site.

All the players and parent details will already be set up in Shutterfly when you open your site.  Depending on your typing speed this could save you some significant time.

Enjoy the soccer season.

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