Newbury Park – Creeper Alert

If you live in Newbury Park, California be on the lookout for a black truck with an extended cab and a white male in his early 30’s.

I first became aware of this man when an email was sent out from our school.  I then saw the following post on the

CREEPER ALERT from on of our readers. “Please be aware and spread the word. There is a white male in his early 30’s that is trying to lure young girls into his truck in the NEWBURY PARK area. He attempted to get a young girl last night and then he tried to get my daughter and her friend tonight. My daughter and her friend were in the Trader Joes/CVS parking lot when he first approached them from his truck, asking them if they wanted $100. After coming out of Trader Joes, the girls headed toward Borchard. As they came around the corner, he was on foot and followed them asking if they wanted money and waiving it at them. They ran as fast as they could home. My daughter’s friend’s parents then went back to the parking lot where he was sitting in his truck. When they approached him he sped away quickly. He had light brown hair with blue eyes. His truck was black with an extended cab, maybe a Ford or Chevy. The license plate# is 8N41864 (might be 8N41684). The cops were called, but !  only took this down as an incident report, even though this was the second report in two days with the same vehicle description and pick up line.They told us that the guy wasn’t breaking the law, so there was nothing they would be able to do.”

If you see this man and vehicle fitting this description please call the Ventura Country Sherrif Department.

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