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Newbury Park – Creeper Alert

If you live in Newbury Park, California be on the lookout for a black truck with an extended cab and a white male in his early 30’s.

I first became aware of this man when an email was sent out from our school.  I then saw the following post on the https://www.facebook.com/ThousandOaks365

CREEPER ALERT from on of our readers. “Please be aware and spread the word. There is a white male in his early 30’s that is trying to lure young girls into his truck in the NEWBURY PARK area. He attempted to get a young girl last night and then he tried to get my daughter and her friend tonight. My daughter and her friend were in the Trader Joes/CVS parking lot when he first approached them from his truck, asking them if they wanted $100. After coming out of Trader Joes, the girls headed toward Borchard. As they came around the corner, he was on foot and followed them asking if they wanted money and waiving it at them. They ran as fast as they could home. My daughter’s friend’s parents then went back to the parking lot where he was sitting in his truck. When they approached him he sped away quickly. He had light brown hair with blue eyes. His truck was black with an extended cab, maybe a Ford or Chevy. The license plate# is 8N41864 (might be 8N41684). The cops were called, but !  only took this down as an incident report, even though this was the second report in two days with the same vehicle description and pick up line.They told us that the guy wasn’t breaking the law, so there was nothing they would be able to do.”

If you see this man and vehicle fitting this description please call the Ventura Country Sherrif Department.

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Train 4 Autism – Wednesday Night Family Fun Run

When I got an email earlier this year about a weekly Autism Fun Run in Newbury Park I was excited.
I am not a runner (well I wasn’t) and I thought it would be wonderful way for my son to get some energy out in a safe environment.
This is a place where people on the Autism Spectrum (children, teens and young adults) socialize, stretch, run and encourage each other.
Parents who can run, and help set the pace do.  Others enjoy the much needed break and social time.  There is also at least one local runner who turns up each Wednesday night just to help set pace.
Over the past 3 months I have managed to get stronger and can almost complete a lap of Peppertree Park now.  I know it’s only 0.8 miles, but with arthritis in my feet and compressed discs in my lower back this is an achievement.  My son has learnt that he needs to pace himself if he wishes to complete more than one lap.
This is a Family Fun Run where everyone is welcome:
  • Kids with AutismSamCynthiaGatorRun
  • Siblings and friends
  • Parents and caregivers
  • Runners who want to make a difference and help set the pace for a kid with Autism.
When: Every Wednesday 6:30-7:30 pm
Where: Pepper Tree Park (map)
                  3650 Old Conejo Rd.
                  Newbury Park, CA 91320
Cost: FREE!

Cynthia Conway, OTR/L, a well-known local Occupational Therapist and Owner/Director of Companion Connection, has begun coaching young people with Autism and together they recently completed their first 5K race. We want to build upon that success and encourage others on the spectrum (and their families) to come out and run, jog, walk, and have a great time! In addition to Cynthia, we’ll have volunteers from Train 4 Autism and Newbury Park Track Club to help everyone safely achieve their goals.   Water will be provided.

What do you need to do? 

  1. Get a good pair of running shoes! We highly recommend Road Runner Sports in Newbury Park to help find the best shoe for you. Jim Cera (Store Manager), Deb, and Israel are all Train 4 Autism supporters so please say hello!
  2. Join the Train 4 Autism monthly newsletter list!
  3. Join Train 4 Autism Ventura County Facebook group as this will be how we confirm our meetings and stay current on all upcoming events!
If you have any questions, you can email Brian the Ventura County Chapter President for Train 4 Autism.

Whether you are family effected by Autism or a runner who would like to make a difference in a families life we hope to see you there!

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AYSO Coach Find My Site

Using Shutterfly for your AYSO Soccer Team

If you are a Team Parent for your childs soccer team it may have been suggested that a Shutterfly site can help you communicate with the team.

Shutterfly is a great tool to share practice times, games, team party and photos.

If you’ve used Shutterfly before then you are probably used to setting up a new Share Site.

I discovered that there is an easier option if your Region has registered your teams.  In Newbury Park, Region 42 has done this.

All you need to do is have the coach forward you an activation email.

If your coach is unfamiliar with the process you can go to the Shutterfly Coaches page.

Enter your coach’s email address on the right hand side of the screen and select the Find my team button.

A list of teams will appear.  Below each team you will see a button labeled Request the email

Pressing this button will send an email to the coach.  The coach can then forward the email and you can set up the site.

You may be wondering what the benefits are of using this link to set up your site.

All the players and parent details will already be set up in Shutterfly when you open your site.  Depending on your typing speed this could save you some significant time.

Enjoy the soccer season.

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