Disney World – Gluten and Dairy Free

We arrived at Disney World on Saturday evening for an 11 night vacation.  I have been a little anxious about this vacation as our 8 year old son has been gluten and dairy free for almost 18 months now and this is our first major trip away.  Much to his dismay I was not going to be able to bring his favorite frozen foods from Trader Joes like we did one previous vacation to San Diego.  He even asked why we couldn’t bring a cooler on the plane so he could have his favorite waffle breakfast.

So far things are going OK.  We used a local service to buy some staple groceries before we arrived and we have lunch or dinner reservations at sit down restaurants each day.  So far the biggest challenge has been our Quick Serve meals.  It appears that quick serve locations don’t have a dairy free cheese option which rules out Cheese burgers if they are on the menu.    We are often struggling to find acceptable sides and/or desserts with a picky eater who is intolerant to many fruits and vegetables.

Dont get me wrong, I think Disney has a lot of great options and the chefs are wonderful at trying to accommodate to his needs.  It would be nice to see a little more variety and to have the ability to plan ahead a little more.  Disney no longer publishes their gluten free menu, as I believe it was difficult to guarantee items by location based on volume and suppliers.  For our sit down dining reservations we were able to speak to some of the chefs about 2 weeks prior to arriving as our sons Aspergers can make it difficult for him to cope if there isn’t a food selection he likes.  Our plan was to change reservations if a restaurant didn’t have something he liked to avoid a potential meltdown.

As we’ve been visiting each restaurant or Quick Serve location I’ve been trying to take note of the gluten free menu so I can share with those of you visiting at the moment or in the near future.  Disney changes menus and suppliers frequently so please understand if that neither I or Disney can guarantee items will be available.

Visit my Disney World – Gluten and Dairy Free Food Options post for more details.

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