A Look Back at 2011

2011 was a busy year for me that found me trying to balance too much and ultimately neglecting my blog.

I am a mother of two children, including an 8 year old with Aspergers; a contract IT worker;  a Network Marketer and a wife who really enjoys having this blog as an outlet.

Tomorrow is my first day back in the office after 10 days at home with the kids during winter break so I’ll do my best to summarize our 2011.

My year in review:

In January we took the plunge and started our then 7 year old on a gluten and dairy free diet. It was something I had considered for a while due to his life long abdominal issues and a recommendation from a friend, Barrie Silberberg.  Barrie wrote The Autism & ADHD Diet Book and I would not have had the courage to make this step without her.   That being said going gluten and dairy free was not an easy task with a child who has sensory processing issues and an extremely limited diet.  I allowed the diet to take over my life for most of the year as I searched for foods that our son would eat and would meet his nutritional needs.

In May our little girl turned 6!!!

In June both children started summer vacation and I began juggling work and shifting children between am and pm camps.  To some it may sound a little indulgent but I struggled to find camps that didn’t include lots of food on a daily basis and our then 7 year old lacked the necessary coping skills to be in other camps for a whole day.  So I found appropriate morning and afternoon camps that were right for him and did what I needed to.

The kids had a wonderful summer learning soccer skills, swimming, acting, singing, building Legos and so much more.

Late August came too quickly as our little princess started 1st Grade and our son started 3rd Grade.  With the kids back in school I feel like we are just constantly on the run between school, therapy 4 times per week for Mstr 8, Cub scouts, Daisies, Ballet and Soccer.  Thankfully I’m married to a wonderful man who is happy to play Mr Mom after he finishes work each day.

In September our son turned 8!!

In October my husband and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary!!  We had hoped to take a cruise to Tahiti (our cancelled Honeymoon) or a trip to Hawaii but neither seemed feasible at the time…  I wasn’t ready to travel gluten and dairy free just yet and didn’t feel like I would be able to relax enough to enjoy the vacation.

In December we found out that our son is intolerant to 20 foods, which brings us a step closer to helping him heal and grow.  It also means I need to revamp his diet again as many of the “bad” foods were in his diet.  We also got to celebrate Christmas with our wonderful children and share precious moments with family both near and far (thanks to FaceTime).  My husband was fortunate enough to have a week at home with the kids leading up to Christmas and I got to spend a week with them between Christmas and New Years just hanging out.  A lovely change from our normally hectic life.

I’m looking forward to a more organized and calmer 2012.  How about you?

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