AXION – Another Component for Optimal Health

Xyngular has a new product that was released this week.   AXION is about to make my life a lot simpler.  I’ll be able to reduce the supplements I take and not have to worry about missing my evening doses.

As a mother of a child on the Autism Spectrum and as a person with Fibromyalgia I know the importance of optimal nutrition.  This is not as simple as taking any multi-vitamin, but about taking the right supplements.  To achieve optimal health it’s essential to have good digestive health.  The right minerals, digestive enzymes and probiotics in a once a day formula is just what I’ve been looking for.

You can read the official company information below or order your


Is disease optional?
We can’t avoid the high-stress, toxic, chemical-laden world we live in, but we can protect ourselves from as much damage as possible. Our bodies are bathed in free radicals, toxins, and chronic inflammation. But with optimal anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients, disease can be far more optional than we realize.

Why not just eat better?
It’s impossible to eat enough fruits, grains, and vegetables every day to get sufficient antoxidants to combat today’s free-radical overload. We’d need many pounds of a wide variety of foods to get what we need. They are far too difficult for us to source, chop, and prepare…let alone afford.

Why whole foods in a supplement?
We use raw, concentrated ingredients like kale, spinach, apricot, blackberry, blueberry, cranberry, grape, beet, papaya, chlorella, spirulina, cauliflower, broccoli, wheat grass and pineapple in greater potency than you would ever find in a diet you could try to gather yourself. Each of these superfood ingredients is proven beneficial and highly bioactive in your body. You would feel a major difference from these alone. But these ingredients are blended with the most bioactive forms of vitamins and minerals that no super-diet can begin to match for complete nutrition and bioavailability.

Why probiotics?
A healthy body contains as much as four pounds of beneficial bacteria. Each strain of these wonderful organisms performs essential functions in your body like cleansing all the maze of tubes in your body and conversion of food to energy (not fat). Chemical toxins, antibiotics, and many drugs kill both beneficial and dangerous bacteria. This erodes our health. A probiotic supplement can have a dramatic effect on your energy and resistance to disease.

The science
Most people don’t realize until it’s too late how vital it is to take a potent time-release supplement with vitamins, minerals, superfoods, and probiotics. You could spend countless hours exploring the volumes of solid, scientific research supporting each of the ingredients in this powerful blend and their corresponding health benefits. Suffice it to say that to function properly, every cell in your body benefits tremendously from a careful balance of all these essential nutrients. This is especially true for those with poor diets, weak immune systems, exposure to toxins, ambitious exercise regimens, age-related health problems, high-stress lifestyles, or pregnancy.

Order your today.

Rebecca Doll

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