The System is Failing this Mom…. Can You Help?

Dalton & KayleneKaylene Boldroff is a single mom raising her Autistic son on her own.  The system that it meant to be there to support her child, has failed her many times. 

She cannot work to be able to privately fund her sons therapy because it would be very difficult for her to find appropriate child care due to his self injurious behavior.

The non-profit KPS4Parents, are working as advocates for Kaylene to help her receive the necessary support she needs to help her son and to prevent him from having to be put in an institution.

If you would like to help you can visit the following web page and donate or share this plea with everyone you know on Social Media.

Operation: Dalton is an advocacy effort being conducted by KPS4Parentson behalf of Kaylene Boldroff and her son, Dalton, to achieve appropriate programming from both his local school district, Conejo Valley Unified School District (“CVUSD“) and his regional center, Tri-Counties Regional Center (“TCRC“).

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So please visit the pages listed above, donate or purchase if you can, or just share with your friends on Social Media.

Let’s show this mom that she is not fighting this battle on her own.

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4 thoughts on “The System is Failing this Mom…. Can You Help?

  1. Kaylene is a wonderful mother who has exhausted her resources.
    She is truly a single parent. His father chose to not be a part of his sons life, as well as his entire family.
    She has made it through incredible odds and done nothing but give to Dalton EVERYTHING she has.
    She has done nothing but fight for her sons needs.
    Her dedication and love to her son is amazing.
    They deserve to have outside resources provided to them.
    I truly believe Dalton can make more incredible progress if the right tools could be afforded to them.
    I am grateful to have them in my life.

  2. I checked tonight on the progress of fund raising for Operation Dalton and the half way goal has almost been reached.

    If you’re reading this post can you please help spread the word to help raise much needed funds for this moms Advocacy costs.

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