My Morning Routine… Or Lack Thereof

If you ask my husband I don’t have a morning routine, and he’s sort of right.  After 18 months of being at home between contracts I got into a bad habit of sleeping in.  Our could it be that my body stayed on Sydney time when I moved to California?  I do prefer my day to run 5 – 7 hours later than it currently does, which would make sense…

If we didn’t have two kids that need to get to school I don’t know what I’d do.  It is so hard to believe that as a young child I had my entire morning timed down to the minute.

So as embarrasing as this may be here is how my current morning routine currently goes:

At 5:30 am Husband tries to wake me.  Sometime between 6:30 and 7 am I finally get out of bed.  The first thing I do is take a XYNG capsule.  By the time I leave the house I am full of energy and ready for the day.

7 am the kids have to be up and eating breakfast. 
7 am – 7:20 am son does music therapy whilst eating breakfast
If I haven’t taken a shower yet I try to take one now.  Miss 5 is a very slow eater..

7:30 am Saline, supplements, medicines, asthma spray – depending on what’s needed on the day.  Eat my 3 Weet-a-bix for breakfast if I haven’t already.

7:35 – 7:45am Help kids get teeth brushed, hair done, lunches packed.
      Get myself dressed.

Get downstairs and into the car…. this can take 2 – 15 minutes depending on how many times I have to run up the stairs for things that are forgotten or how long we discuss which shoes are going to be worn today.

Drop 2nd Grader at School between 7:50 and 8:15am then drop Kindergartener off at Enrichment.   

Finish make-up at the red lights on the way to work or in the car park when I get there. 
On a good day I can get into the office by 8:30 am, on a bad day I pray I am at work by 9am. 

Thank goodness my job doesn’t require me to be at the office by a specific time.

I think it’s time for me to set an alarm and get up earlier…. do you think I can do it?

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