My Nana … and my quick trip back to Australia

My Nana (grandmother) is very special to me. When I found out she had less than two weeks to live the first thing I did was discuss with my husband the option of coming back to Australia to say goodbye.

The concern was NOT should I go, but can our family function if I go.

As fate would have it I got a ticket to Australia with Qantas using points (miles) and one back to Los Angeles using miles with United. With our out of pocket cost being around $200 that seemed doable. Don’t let anyone tell you there’s no availability with airline rewards because I booked both these tickets right before Christmas.

Our next obstacle was finding someone who could help my husband get the kids to school two mornings whilst I am gone. With a work start time of 7:30 am it is not possible for him to do this himself. Thankfully we have a wonderful neighbour who was able to walk the kids to school for us. Which leaves this Saturday… there is currently a plan for a few different friends to watch the kids whilst hubby is at work. I really hope that things pan out OK.

There is clearly a lot involved in my being able to make this trip so I thought I would share some of the many reasons why I am going back to visit my Nana.

1. I am her oldest grandchild
2. She travelled to the US on her own to walk me down the aisle just 6 weeks after September 11th.
3. She gave me Christmas
a) I don’t know who was more excited at Christmas time. Nana loved to watch in excitement as we opened our presents.
b) When my mum couldn’t afford a lot my Nana made sure there were lots of items under the tree; even if it was necessities
4. She is very forgiving
5. She is very loving
6. She shared her dreams of travel
7. She took lots of photos of us growing up
8. She is so proud of everything I accomplished and loves to share that with everyone
(She made a copy of my University Degree and showed all her neighbours.. without my knowing)
9. She is very accepting…. and the list could go on.

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One thought on “My Nana … and my quick trip back to Australia

  1. my granny passed away on 8/1/11 at 108. because of the flooding here we couldn’t get to maroochydore for the funeral but did make it to the wonderful memorial service on 20/1/11 at the nursing home she lived in.

    she was a wonderful person and will be sorely missed by me/family. i am glad she died in her sleep and i am going to remember her at the time we last saw her and not as the lady she was when she died – skin and bones, barely eating, fragile because of the huge weight loss she had experienced because of not eating/limited eating.

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