Is Your Lack of Follow Up Costing You Sales?

If you’re like many business owners you may be spending a lot of time trying to generate leads.  Even the best closer is not going to close 100%.  How many are you converting?  How many times do you contact a lead?

I used to think that contacting a lead 1 to 3 times was enough until a friend shared with me these Sales Statistics.

48% of Sales People never follow up with a prospect

25% of Sales People make a Second contact and Stop

12 % of Sales People only make Three contacts and Stop

Only 10% of Sale People make more than Three contacts

2% of Sales are made on the First contact

3% of Sales are made on the Second contact

5% of Sales are made on the Third contact

10% of Sales are made on the Fourth contact

80% of Sales are made on the Fifth to Twelth contact

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