TAG Reading System

The Tag Reader is another great product from Leap Frog.  Leap Frog Tag Reader

As children touch the Tag Reader to the pages of specially printed storybooks, words talk, pictures sing and stories live out loud, engaging children’s senses to make reading a rich, fulfilling experience.

There are over 40 books and games based on favorite TV, movie and classic tales to choose from.  For the learn to read books the Tag will help your child sound out the letters in each word.  With the story books your child has the choice of having a page read to them and following along or touching each word as they read the page.

Each book includes comprehension questions that are disguised as games.  Even after your child has mastered reading each book they can continue to benefit from the comprehension games.

The new Tag Reader holds audio for up to 10 books at a time. Just connect the Tag Reader to your computer with the included USB cable, download the audio for your Tag books and drag-and-drop up to 10 of your child’s favorite stories onto your Tag Reader.

Each time you connect the Tag Reader to the computer your child’s play is uploaded to their online profile allowing you to see their progress in reading and comprehension skills.   This includes how long they read each book and the percentage of questions they got right.

We got our first Tag a few years ago and both children have their own along with a set of headphones.  Our oldest is in second grade and is almost ready to say goodbye to his Tag.  His sister is 5 and in Kindergarten and she just loves the new learn to read books.

Some people may be a bit concerned about the price of the Tag Reader and the books.  If you are willing to shop around you can get some great deals.

Here are just a few Tag Reader deals available now:

Starting November 21st – Tag Books are buy 1 get 1 free at Target.  Normally priced at $13.99, some books are reduced to $9.99
Toys R Us has had the Tag pens on sale for $29.99 which is a $10 savings off their $39.99 price.

To keep up on the latest deals be sure to sign up at http://Leap Frog.com for their emails.  They have frequent sales and a fantastic clearance section.  Quite often shipping is free with an order of $50 or more so it makes sense to stock up on sale or clearance items.
We got the Tag Learn to Read Super Book Pack which contains 19 books for just $53.99 along with FREE shipping.

If you have more than 1 child you will need a Tag pen for each child.  I would also recommend the headphones so that multiple children can use their Tags at the same time.

Feel free to share any coupon codes or deals for the Tag pen or books.

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