If your children play with your cell phone/iPhone/Blackberry you want to read this.

ELECTROPOLLUTION has been linked to everything from Headaches and Sleeping Problems to Tumors and Cancer.

Electropollution is emanated by every wired and wireless device you use today – in the form of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) and Radiation (EMR). Well-known and respected experts are more concerned than ever that our growing use of these kinds of devices, especially by children, is putting people’s health and wellness at great risk.

Wireless devices such as cell phones, cordless phones, PDAs, wireless routers, home appliances and computers are constantly bombarding our bodies with a range of frequencies that are foreign stressors to our biological make up. The cell phone tops this list of stressors, often being referred to as a “mini-microwave oven”. It’s clearly a radiation emitting device – one without a metal box around it to contain its radiation – and we press it against our sensitive heads every single day.

If you let your child talk on the phone, use your earpiece or play games on your phone they are being exposed to Electropollution.

Until recently I was unaware that I could do anything about it.  That’s when I met MaryLou German and discovered that I could enjoy all my gadgets and protect my family at the same time. 

MaryLou is very passionate about protecting children from the effects of electropollution and educating people of the risks involved.  To learn more about her products you can visit her site.

Which product/s will you choose?

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