Is your follow up losing you business?

By Lorraine Pirihi                                                Copyright 2010 The Productivity Queen

Following-up is such a simple thing to do yet most business owners and entrepreneurs just can’t get it right.
Some time ago I used the services of a mortgage broker who in the first instance was very prompt and appeared very efficient. He was referred to me by someone else I knew who had raved about him because he was so knowledgeable and could get the right type of deal across the line.  Unfortunately, being knowledgeable about your products and services isn’t enough to get repeat business or have others successfully refer you.
Gary wasn’t proactive (when I called, he took action).  He would often forget to call me back, even though he promised he would! This left me in a situation where I had no confidence in him. He needed to use a diary to write everything down so he wouldn’t forget to follow up.  He had the latest technology yet couldn’t even do the basics like return a phone call or respond to an email in  a reasonable period of time.

Gary was always racing off to attend some industry related seminar.  In fact he seemed to spend more time doing that than servicing his clients.  If only he had invested time in learning how to get himself organised, he would have been much more productive and profitable.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Gary has left the industry because he thought it was just too hard to make money in that type of business.

The Final Word

Personally I find dealing with most business people, very frustrating. They tell you how good they are and will get the job done but the majority are hopeless! They do not follow up and provide a basic level of consistent service.

It’s time people got back to basics, followed up and use simple tools like a diary to get great results. There is a fortune to be made in following up, but only if you do it consistently. If you’re not sure what you need to do and EXACTLY how to follow-up and generate more income, then take action and invest in a proven step-by-step system that will get you big results.

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