Aspergers and Back to School

With only two more days until school starts there are some nerves in our house.

Our son was diagnosed with Aspergers and Sensory Processing at the end of May and is starting Second Grade on Wednesday.  As we got his diagnosis in the last 2 weeks of the last school year we have not had an IEP meeting yet.  We have requested an aide/shadow as recommended in his assessment and are expecting to have an IEP meeting around the second week of school.  We will find out his teacher and classroom on Tuesday sometime, which doesn’t give me a lot of time to get him acclimated. 

For the past two years he has looked forward to school starting, this year his biggest concern is not wanting to get in trouble all the time.  He is so worried that he asked me if I could Home School him.  It broke my heart when I had to tell him I couldn’t.   I need to go back to work for a while, until my business generates enough income to allow me to stay home with him.

I am quietly optimistic for him as he started Occupational Therapy and ABA Therapy this summer and has made such great progress.  I really want to give him the opportunity to go to school and be with his friends; to allow him to see how capable he is.  Of course some of this optimism hinges on him getting the aide we requested, but we are much more prepared this year as we know what we are dealing with and have supports already in place outside of school.

To help our mornings run smoother and allow us to get out of the house in less than 30 minutes, I have organised both kids belongings in visible locations.

1. Jackets hanging at the bottom of the stairs.
2. Shoes under the bench
3. Backpack
4. Hat

As we leave via the garage and it’s very cluttered I may also hang an old sheet so that he can’t get distracted by the clutter.  He is very excited about being able to see everything that he needs.

Monday and Tuesday I am going to be busy baking some gluten free fruit muffins and cookies so that he can continue on his low gluten diet and not feel like he is missing out whilst at school.

I am quite sure I have forgotten something but hopefully we are better equipped to handle any bumps along the way.

Is your child nervous about going back to school?  Have you made the choice to home school?

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