Are you Motivated?

Everyday we are each faced with many obstacles that we could allow to impact our motivation.  These can be health, money, lack of time and the list could go on.

How is it that some people are able to achieve great success in spite of their obstacles and others in similar circumstances seem to become engulfed by them?

The answer is mindset. 

For some people this seems to come naturally, for others we need to surround ourselves with vision boards and positive affirmations.

If you wake up each morning and are confronted with obstacles you may find it hard to get motivated and push beyond the status quo.  What if, you could wake up each morning being reminded of what is possible in your life? 

Robin Palmer created My Wake Up Call® Motivational Alarm Clocks and messages.  The messages awaken you each morning to positive energy and can be stored on an iPod, MP3 player, iPhone or purchased on CD. 

Start the day off right by listening to positive messages each morning that are up to 10 minutes in length.  Each month of messages consists of 15 messages which are played sequentially for 15 days and then shuffled for the remainder of the month. 

Each of the 7 sets currently available has a sample message to listen to along with a bio on the narrator.  For more information on each set of messages you can select from the list below:

My Powerthoughts Wake Up Call™ with John St. Augustine
My Workout Wake Up Call® with Robin Palmer
My Wisdom Wake Up Call® with Mary Morissey
My Wellness Wake Up Call™ with Jennifer Jimenez
My Wealthy Wake Up Call™ with Mat Boggs
My Good Grief Wake Up Call™ with Debi Tibbles
My Workout Wake Up Call® (En Español) with Dr. Cesar Vargas

What would you choose as your Wake Up message?

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