Fundraiser for Princess Nicola

Earlier this week I came across a Facebook Group for Princess Nicola.  Nicola is a beautiful little girl who was born in September 2008 with a very rare and life threatening cancer causing genetic condition called Costello Syndrome.  She is the 14th person to ever be diagnosed in Australia, and there are only an estimated 150 people in the world with the diagnosis.

I contacted mum, Jo this week and offered to help raise funds so that they can take Nicola to the Costello Kids Support Group Conference in the UK in September.

This conference gives them a chance to not only have access to some of the doctors who actually know and understand this rare and very complex condition, but also a chance to break out of the isolation of living with a rare medical condition and spend time with other families who actually understand what they are dealing with on a daily basis.  

I am offering to donate $17 USD from the purchase of every SOCBox until Mother’s Day. 

A SOCBox costs $53.90 USD (incl GST) and provides access to an online catalogue of over 15,000 cards which can be customised.  The account includes credit for 10 cards and postage that can be mailed anywhere in Australia, Canada and the USA.  Your cards will be printed on real paper Greeting Cards, addressed, stuffed, licked, stamped and taken to the Post Office for you.  Additional cards and postage can be purchased in lots of 10 for just $22 USD (incl GST).

To participate in this Fundraiser and help send Princess Nicola and her family to the UK this September, complete your purchase here.

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