Do you Procrastinate?

You may have noticed I haven’t done a blog post in a while.  Like many people I am a procrastinator and I left filing my taxes to the last minute.  As I was running out the door to a networking event last night my husband was left with the important task of submitting our taxes online.   He had no idea what to do as this is normally a task that I would do.  Why did I chose to add that stress to our lives?  Did we owe money to the goverment?  No, we are actually due a refund.

I had good intensions to get it done much earlier, I even bought Turbo Tax in January and entered almost all of our personal financial information within a week of the purchase.  So what happened? 

Our business records were not that well organised.  Most of the receipts were in a filing box and had not been entered into any accounting program.  On top of that I was missing receipts for online business purchases and paypal transactions.  It took a while to find everything I needed but I realised that we needed a better system in place for 2010. 

This brings me to the bigger issue, procrastination. 

Do you have filing you need to do?  Receipts that need shredding?  A garage overflowing with items you are going to sell or donate but haven’t gotten around to?

I am guilty of the filing and the shredding and have to admit that the only reason we can park in our garage is because we are required to by our Home Owners Association.  I am also guilty of getting rid of the minimum amount to be able to park in the garage.

Starting today things are going to change!  No more piles of mail!  No more maze of storage boxes in the garage!  It’s time to declutter, simplify my life and become more productive.

Do you need help breaking the cycle of procrastination?  Motivational speaker and trainer, Jeffery Combs can explain in more detail how to break through the barriers in the audio Transitioning from Procrastinator to Producer

How much more could you accomplish each day if you did not procrastinate?

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3 thoughts on “Do you Procrastinate?

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