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Xyngular is a phenomenal business opportunity.

It has the excitement of a start up company with the stability of a 15 year old international giant. The owner of our company sits on the board of the Direct Selling Association. Every network marketing company in the United States has to abide by the rules, regulations and the code of ethics set forth by the DSA. Our owner actually wrote the code of ethics for the DSA.

He also owns a successful, 15 year old, international, multi-million dollar company that is growing, profitable and spans the globe. This company is one of the largest network marketing companies in the world when speaking of geographic scope. He also has one of the highest re-order rates and distributor retention rates in the entire industry. He was introduced to a straight line compensation concept and immediately fell in love with it. Being in the industry for 40 years, he knew it had some of the strongest potential he had ever seen. He realized he could not introduce it into his current company and attract new industry leaders so he decided to develop an efficacious product and create a new, free-standing company to market it with this compensation plan. He has allowed Xyngular to run on his company’s backbone. Everything is completely seamless from product fulfillment, to credit card processing, to shipping, to financing to customer service. It is literally as if Xyngular has been in business for 15 years.

We then hired a president that has some of the most respected experience in the industry. He was the vice-president of international expansion for Nu-Skin which happens to be one of only a few multi-billion dollar companies in network marketing today. He took them into almost every major market they are in today. He then became the vice-president of International Affairs for Xango and grew sales more than 500%. We have a very aggressive international expansion planned and some of the best in the industry to guide us through that process.

The compensation plan is phenomenal! It is revolutionary, extremely lucrative and second to none. We get paid DAILY! If you engage in this business you could literally get a check sent to your home every single day! Also, the company is built in a straight line! Every new person to join the company, world-wide, comes in at the bottom of the line. That means if you were to get a spot today and we went to a million reps in the next couple of years, you would have a million reps in your downline. In almost every network marketing company, the top money earners were generally in from the beginning. One other important factor is that we have no structural organization. You don’t need to balance any legs or bring in three who bring in three in order to get paid. You are paid on the volume you bring to the table, PERIOD!

We get paid 5 ways.

The first way is by retailing the product. If someone goes to your website and purchases product without becoming a distributor, you will earn the difference between the retail and wholesale price. You don’t have to touch, warehouse or send the product! The company does it all for you!

The second way we get paid is through an 8 level unilevel residual income. We get paid every single time a person that stems from our initial efforts purchases our product. For instance, if you introduced this product to your next door neighbor and he became a distributor, he would be on your first level. If he then introduced the opportunity to his next door neighbor then that person would be on your second level. We earn income that way all the way down through 8 levels deep. We get paid $12 on our first level, $8 on our second level and a full $5 on levels 3-8 on every case that is purchased after the distributor’s initial order.

The third way we get paid is through rapid rewards. We want to put more money, up front, into our distributors’ pockets. So, we pay up to double the amount on ANY purchase in the first calendar month of a new distributor in our first 4 levels. For instance, if a new distributor you personally sponsored purchased a case today, you would get a check for $24 instead of $12. No money is left on the table so if someone is not qualified, that money rolls up to you!

The fourth way we get paid is through company profit sharing pools which allow you to earn a percentage of world-wide sales from EVERY distributor in the company. Normally, companies take maybe 3% of profits and put them into a bonus pool that only the top tier of that company can achieve. In Xyngular, we take a full 12% of TOTAL world-wide sales and put them into 12 separate 1% bonus pools that can be achieved from day one by a new distributor joining the team. The bonuses are paid out on a direct proportionality of your personal volume compared with the company volume that has built up below you.

For example, remember I told you that the company is built in a straight line? Your personal organization is interspersed with every other distributor, world-wide, that came in after you did in a straight line below you. If the company volume below you totaled 30,000 and you had 2,000 of that volume in your own personal organization, you would qualify for the first bonus pool. If the company volume below you was 40,000 and you had 6,000 of that volume in your own personal organization, you would qualify for the first AND the second bonus pool. It stair steps that way all the way up through 12 different bonus pools. Now you can see why it is so imperative to be in at the beginning of this company. You’ll never have to worry about the company volume because the entire company will be built directly under you. You can see the benefit of getting in first and so early! The only thing we have to do is go out and build our own personal volume so that we can qualify for all of the bonus pools.

The fifth and final way we get paid is through a fast start bonus. If you personally sponsor 4 distributors in your first 4 weeks who come in on 1 case, just as you did, then you’ll get paid a $100 bonus. Again, we want to put as much money as possible into the pockets of our distributors and reward those who take action quickly.

There are 4 price points to enroll at and you can come in at whatever level you feel comfortable with.

If you enroll with a SINGLE bottle, you will be able to earn rapid rewards and residual income on your first level. If you purchase a case you will be grandfathered in for life to earn rapid rewards on your first and second levels, and earn residuals through 4 levels of the unilevel plan.

If you enroll with 2 cases, you’ll be grandfathered in for life to earn rapid reward on your first 3 levels and residual income on all 8 levels of the unilevel plan.

Lastly, if you enroll with 3 cases you won’t ever leave a dime on the table as you will earn rapid rewards on all 4 levels available. Most leaders and business minded individuals enroll with 3 cases. Those purchases are a one time event so if you come in for a smaller order, you can always upgrade. In fact, if it takes you a while to get started and you order 3 cases in any one given month down the road, you will be grandfathered in for life to earn rapid rewards on the other levels you were missing out on, from that point forward. We also allow a person to maintain their spot and commissions with as little as one bottle. Most other companies have a minimum of a case or more.

There is also an annual $20 fee to be a distributor with Xyngular. As soon as you enroll, you get a free replicated website and a spot in the Xyngular team. We have a 100% money back guarantee on the product so there is literally no financial risk to you whatsoever! There is no better time than right now to get yourself a spot at the beginning of what will be one of the most successful companies ever in network marketing history!

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