Join the #1 Weight Management & Weight Loss company on the internet – Free signups end Wednesday!

Cal Nutrasciences Inc (CNI) have the CORE4 product line. In 10 months last year they reached $10M in sales.


1. They have a great product line specifically aimed at losing weight around your core.
2. It has been free to join (That ends THIS Wednesday sometime!!)
3. Your back office and web site are FREE!!!
4. The co-founders of the company are experienced men who have been at the top of other network marketing companies.
5. This business can really flourish on the internet.

Can I make money without spending some money?
No. You will eventually need to make a purchase and after that you will have a $40 monthly auto-ship.

You earn a Direct Sales bonuses on everyone that becomes a paid signup + once you have 2 paid signups you start earning group volume on people that have randomly been assigned to your group.

Why should I join?
1. It’s FREE !!! and it’s only free until Thursday January 14th at the latest.
2. They are releasing 2 new products this weekend.
3. They are offering a lot of FREE tools to help you be successful. You and everyone you sign up will be able to replicate this process.
4. This company is going global in 2010 and they already have the infrastructure in place.
5. Get paid daily.
6. You don’t need to provide any financial information until your earnings are $600

Sign up now for FREE and start inviting everyone you know to do the same.
What have you got to lose?

Join now at

If you are outside the USA or Canada please contact me directly as you can still take advantage of this great opportunity. I have heard wispers that Australia is one of the countries they plan to expand to in 2010!

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