Christmas 2009

I know this is a little late, but I am still getting used to School holidays only being two weeks around Christmas. There doesn’t seem to be enough time to get everything done in that short period of time.

The kids had a great Christmas this year. At 4 and 6 they kept changing what they wanted from Santa and had such a hard time looking through the toy books and deciding on just a few toys.

Christmas Eve after attending church we head to a cousins home for family celebrations. Hubby has 8 cousins and 6 of them have 2 or 4 kids so it is a big family affair.

Christmas morning the kids actually slept in a little bit for them. They got us up at 7 am instead of their usual 5 – 6am. Staying out late the night before definately helps.

Scarlett got a huge Doll House for her Barbies and Hunter got a skateboard. Both kids were so surprised at the size of the Doll House and Hunter thought that his skateboard was very cool because it has a Wii on it. He is only allowed to ride it with full pads on and will start skateboard lessons later this month.

Nana spoiled them with a Wii Ferarri racing game and racing wheels each. There were lots of other smaller gifts (books, cars, paint, hooded bath towels, dolls cradle, snow board, snow clothes for Scarlett) and the kids had lots of fun opening and sharing.

They got me a Wii Fit which I am a little embarrased to admit I haven’t opened yet and a wireless keyboard for the Wii. Now I just need a bigger TV so I can read the screen when surfing the net.

Grandma got Hunter an electric race track and Scarlett a My Little Pony style salon. Both kids were so happy with their gifts that it seemed like 10am before we even had a chance to stop to eat.

Hunter got a Didj and some games of us and Scarlett got girl Legos.

We have spent the past few weeks trying to work out how we can fit everything into our house as the kids are still having some trouble parting with their younger toys.

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