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Team Hoyt – Dick and Rick Hoyt

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It Works Marketing - coming to Australia

It Works Marketing – coming to Australia

It Works Marketing and the Ultimate Applicator are coming to Australia in less than 2 weeks.

It Works has a pretty extensive product range in the USA and Canada. They are debuting in Australia with their most popular product the Ultimate Body Applicator. This product tightens, tones and firms the body for a more attractive and youthful appearance.

The Ultimate Applicator’s companion product, the Defining Gel, used on a daily basis for continued results is also offered.

Our Facial Applicator used to firm and lift the skin and our Chin Applicator designed to contour the chin and neck area will be included.

I love the Ultimate Applicator! It can be used on the thighs, belly, back, arms, knees and calves. It can be a great confidence booster before heading to the beach, or help that special outfit sit a little better.

If you would like to learn more about the It Works products visit the website below. Please note that this site is currently aimed at the USA and Canadian customer.

If you have questions about how to become at It Works Distributor in Australia please visit the Frequently Asked Questions.

My friend Sheri is available to answer any questions you may have and to help you be successful if you chose to be a part of this great opportunity.

Sheri Carpenter
Independent Distributor

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Snow in Southern California

Snow in Southern California

Last week there was a lot of rain and the weather was quite cold for Southern California. This gave us the opportunity on Sunday to visit Wrightwood for the day. It is a small town about 2 hours from where we live. Mountain High ski resort and Tubing Park can be found in town, which can lead to very heavy traffic after such a significant storm.

We left around 8am from Thousand Oaks and made it to the bottom of the mountain in less than 2 hours, including a quick stop for food. In hindsight we probably should have stopped on the side of the road like many others were as the next 2-3 miles took us close to 3 hours to travel. The resort was full so they were only letting vehicles up the hill after others came down.

The kids were amazing and didn’t complain at all. Eventually we found a great snow play location on the other side of town. There was so much fresh powder that it was easy to end up knee or thigh deep in the snow.

Fortunately we were able to avoid the traffice at the top of the mountain and leave by taking the road we were on. For our next visit I think we may head up on a Friday when it is reported to be very quiet…

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CNI/Xyngular Merger - One team for success

CNI/Xyngular Merger – One team for success


The biggest and most exciting news coming out of the January Kick-Off event was the strategic merger of CNI with Xyngular Corporation. Xyngular is a relatively new company located in Utah with a superb management team that is highly experienced in Global growth and is prepared to take CORE4 to a whole new level. Xyngular is excited to announce its Global Expansion plans in the coming months. Paul Gravette and Ray Grimm are excited about working with the Xyngular Team on future Sales and Marketing Strategies. Stay tuned for rapid growth in the near future. Watch out world…here we come!

And things just kept getting better with the introduction of two new products that not only compliment CORE4, but will continue to make us a leading player in the weight loss and fitness markets. The first product, Xyng, is an energy and appetite control product that is sure to add a little zing to your life and help you look and feel great. The other a super fruit global blend, which includes powerful antioxidants, polyphenols, anthocyanins and phytonutrients was also introduced. Very tasty and nutritious.

The New Year is a chance to make changes that will not only improve your physical health, but your financial future. With that in mind, a New Straight-line Compensation Plan was announced this weekend where you have 5 ways to get paid. That’s right 5 ways to earn big money in 2010! The highlight of the Plan is the 12 Different Corporate Sales pools that people can participate in. Plus, the new plan is designed with the TEAM in mind because everyone can benefit from other leaders’ volumes. Let’s make 2010 the year to put more money in your pocket!

The new merged company is operating as Xyngular. I am very excited and happy to have the opportunity to take the products and to be part of such a new and energized company.

If you would like to try the products or be part of this opportunity don’t hesitate to contact me.

Rebecca Doll
Why Xyngular

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Save 10% with your online orders with Baby Indulgences

Save 10% with your online orders with Baby Indulgences

My friend Pam owns Baby Indulgences, an online baby boutique in Australia. Being an avid shopper and someone who has searched long and hard for specific baby items I was delighted to see the variety of products that Pam has in her store.

Pam has offered the readers of this blog a 10% discount on their online purchases.

All you have to go is visit Baby Indulgences and use Coupon Code No: 3105194950 at checkout.

Have fun shopping.

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What is Scentsy?

I truly believe that for someone to reach their true potential they need to believe in and enjoy what they do. That’s why one opportunity is not going to be right for everyone.

My very good friend, Sheri Carpenter recently started a home business. She is very excited about her new opportunity so I offered to post some information for her.

Scentsy is a Home Based Candle Business. You will be able to work the hours you choose. Work Your Scentsy Business part time or full time, you decide! Want to take a vacation next week? Great! There is no need to request time off with your Boss. Fill your suit case full of Scentsy Catalogs and enjoy the benefits of being self employed.

Whether you are looking to make an extra $100 – $200 a month or create a full-time, six figure income…Scentsy is the way!

The Scentsy Starter Kit is $99.00 and contains the following:
Fall/Winter Large Testers (10)
Favorites Large Testers (20)
Scentsy Man Large Testers (5)
Bakery Large Testers (10)
Spa Large Testers (10)
Tropical Large Testers (10)
Scentsy Cafe Large Testers (5)
Romance Large Testers (10)
Fall/Winter Catalogs (50)
Order Forms (100)
Invitations (100)
Business Cards (100) – Plus instruction label

Hostess Packet: Guest List, Hostess Rewards, Hostess Envelope (5 each)
New Consultant Start Up Guide
1 Room Spray
1 Scentsy Bar
1 Car Candle
1 Warmer
4 lightbulbs
5 Clear Bags
Scentsy Binder and a Welcome Sheet

Earn Money With Scentsy!

After you Join Scentsy, you are immediately eligible for 20% commission on the Scentsy Products you sell. However, when you Join Freedom Stars Team, we work with you to maximize the Scentsy Compensation Plan. We will teach you how to earn upwards of 30% commissions on your product sales and EARN EVEN MORE as you grow your Team.

Scentsy Incentives

Scentsy likes to incentive their Scentsy Consultants! Two times each year Scentsy creates contests for it’s consultants, making it possible for Scentsy Consultants to take exciting vacations with family, friends and fellow consultants. Over the past year Scentsy has enjoyed the benefits of giving away all expenses paid trips to a Banff, Alberta Canada and a seven day Alaskan Cruise. Join Scentsy and get rewarded!

Scentsy Awards

Scentsy loves to award it’s Consultants. Each year at Scentsy’s National Convention, Scentsy honors their consultants with special awards.

Are you Ready to Join Scentsy? Click here to “Start a Scentsy Business” !!

If you have questions for Sheri you can contact her at 615-578-7058.

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Cal Nutrasciences Inc (CNI)

I know I have blogged a lot about CNI lately but there are so many exciting things going on. I knew that Free signups were going to end and there were whispers about Wednesday or Thursday. I got word last night that Free signups will end at midnight January 17th CST!

Better yet, if you can sponsor 30 free signups by then you will receive free samples!

Everyone that is joining, regardless of sponsor are all on the same team. That’s right, the playing field has finally been leveled for millions of average people looking to help each other and truly profit from everyone helping each other with one goal in mind. To help a company grow and be compensated with everyone, not just the top reps/distributors. An incentive like no other in history to work together as one sales team!

So what are you waiting for?

Go visit GetMyCORE4.com

If you are outside the USA and Canada be sure to contact me directly. CNI has intentions on expanding to between 10 and 20 countries in 2010.

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Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

I know this is a little late, but I am still getting used to School holidays only being two weeks around Christmas. There doesn’t seem to be enough time to get everything done in that short period of time.

The kids had a great Christmas this year. At 4 and 6 they kept changing what they wanted from Santa and had such a hard time looking through the toy books and deciding on just a few toys.

Christmas Eve after attending church we head to a cousins home for family celebrations. Hubby has 8 cousins and 6 of them have 2 or 4 kids so it is a big family affair.

Christmas morning the kids actually slept in a little bit for them. They got us up at 7 am instead of their usual 5 – 6am. Staying out late the night before definately helps.

Scarlett got a huge Doll House for her Barbies and Hunter got a skateboard. Both kids were so surprised at the size of the Doll House and Hunter thought that his skateboard was very cool because it has a Wii on it. He is only allowed to ride it with full pads on and will start skateboard lessons later this month.

Nana spoiled them with a Wii Ferarri racing game and racing wheels each. There were lots of other smaller gifts (books, cars, paint, hooded bath towels, dolls cradle, snow board, snow clothes for Scarlett) and the kids had lots of fun opening and sharing.

They got me a Wii Fit which I am a little embarrased to admit I haven’t opened yet and a wireless keyboard for the Wii. Now I just need a bigger TV so I can read the screen when surfing the net.

Grandma got Hunter an electric race track and Scarlett a My Little Pony style salon. Both kids were so happy with their gifts that it seemed like 10am before we even had a chance to stop to eat.

Hunter got a Didj and some games of us and Scarlett got girl Legos.

We have spent the past few weeks trying to work out how we can fit everything into our house as the kids are still having some trouble parting with their younger toys.

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Join the #1 Weight Management & Weight Loss company on the internet - Free signups end Wednesday!

Join the #1 Weight Management & Weight Loss company on the internet – Free signups end Wednesday!

Cal Nutrasciences Inc (CNI) have the CORE4 product line. In 10 months last year they reached $10M in sales.


1. They have a great product line specifically aimed at losing weight around your core.
2. It has been free to join (That ends THIS Wednesday sometime!!)
3. Your back office and web site are FREE!!!
4. The co-founders of the company are experienced men who have been at the top of other network marketing companies.
5. This business can really flourish on the internet.

Can I make money without spending some money?
No. You will eventually need to make a purchase and after that you will have a $40 monthly auto-ship.

You earn a Direct Sales bonuses on everyone that becomes a paid signup + once you have 2 paid signups you start earning group volume on people that have randomly been assigned to your group.

Why should I join?
1. It’s FREE !!! and it’s only free until Thursday January 14th at the latest.
2. They are releasing 2 new products this weekend.
3. They are offering a lot of FREE tools to help you be successful. You and everyone you sign up will be able to replicate this process.
4. This company is going global in 2010 and they already have the infrastructure in place.
5. Get paid daily.
6. You don’t need to provide any financial information until your earnings are $600

Sign up now for FREE and start inviting everyone you know to do the same.
What have you got to lose?

Join now at GetMyCORE4.com

If you are outside the USA or Canada please contact me directly as you can still take advantage of this great opportunity. I have heard wispers that Australia is one of the countries they plan to expand to in 2010!

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Nomie Baby – Free Shipping

Don’t miss out on Free shipping from Nomie Baby.

First there was the washable car seat cover and now they have the stroller blanket. If you haven’t heard about this company I am sure you will.

Anyone with a baby or young child in a car seat would love to have an easily removable and washable cover that is waterproof, durable and comfortable.

Use the promo code “holiday09” when ordering from www.nomiebaby.com, and please share the warmth with your friends and family for a ‘cozy up’ winter!

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Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

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