Celebrating 8 years already!

This week JD and I celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary.

It was a low key celebration but we actually managed to get out for the night without the kids thanks to my mother in law. She happened to be in town this week and was available to watch the kids whilst we got to enjoy a peaceful dinner and then a movie together.

JD was a trooper as I dragged him to see Julie & Julia, as there was nothing else on that I wanted to see.

The kids proved that they are very good at keeping a secret. They were with me when I purchased JD’s gift about two weeks prior and they did not let the cat out of the bag. I am so proud of the both of them. The look on JD’s face when he opened his present and saw the Wii was priceless. He thought I had been researching them for the kids for Xmas…

I don’t know who is more excited about the Wii, JD or the kids. Everyone has had a turn playing Wii sports and it seems the kids like Bowling as much as daddy, so I think it is time for us to hit a real bowling alley.

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