What can I do with my Expired or extra Coupons?

For quite a while I have offered the coupons that we don’t use to friends and family.

As very few have children in diapers or eating baby food I often wonder how many coupons they are able to use and had considered seperating them out so I could share the baby coupons with people who need them. Honestly I don’t have the time to do that.

So I was really excited when I discovered that US Military personnel posted overseas can use expired coupons for up to 6 months past the expiration date at the commissaries. These coupons are good at commissaries within the US also, but personnel stationed overseas have ore difficulty getting the coupons.

This means that all those coupons you clipped and didn’t use, along with the coupons you didn’t need can be sent to military personnel overseas and they can save money!

It cost me just $4.95 to send a USPS Domestic flat rate envelope full of coupons to a friend of mine whose husband is stationed at the Navy base in Japan.

So if you know someone stationed overseas, ask them if they could use the coupons.

If you don’t, get on Twitter or Facebook and offer free coupons to military personnel. I’m quite sure someone will put their hand up.

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