We’re Back!!!

We got back to sunny California last Friday morning. Jetlag is a lot harder to get over with two young kids but I think we have bedtime back on track again, although we all need to catch up on some sleep.

I had a great time seeing family and friends, both old and new.

If you are flying between Sydney and Los Angeles I highly recommend flying Qantas and if possible the new A380. Having flown a few different airlines I really like in the on demand personal entertainment options along with still being allowed to bring 2 bags, even if the weight limit has been reduced. Another nice option was the built in foot rest in economy and the self service snack area at the rear of the plane. For those who love aviation there is a camera on the tail of the plane and you can watch the plane take off and land in real time.

I have spent the past week trying to unpack and get clothes washed and away in closets. Hopefully I will win this battle on Monday when JD has the day off work and can help. The kids are being kept busy with swim lessons during the week and recreational swim at the local pool in the afternoons. This is giving me the opportunity to do some much needed exercise in the pool whilst they play. I have managed to do laps 3 days this week!

There are 3 and a half weeks left until Hunter starts 1st Grade! I don’t know who is more excited about this and his attending school for the whole day, rather than just 3.5 hrs. With the new school year comes making sure he has enough clothes, shoes and then getting school supplies.

Please check back soon as I am going to add some more posts with photos and details of our trip in case you weren’t following our adventures on Facebook or Twitter.

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