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Recycled Fabric Tote Bag – Moschino @ ‘Your Cheeky Monkey’

I belong to a interactive online magazine for Aussie Mums, called Connect2Mums. This site is filled with hundreds of MumPreneurs and an unending number of products. In this post I would like to share a review by the Editor and Founder, Paula Kuhnemann.

When I first saw the ‘denim totes’ available for women at ‘Your Cheeky Monkey,’ I instantly wanted one! Being the ‘Imelda Marcos of bags’, I knew straight away that that these were unique, chic and very LA cool. Monique Nickalls, designer of kids clothing & toys, mumpreneur & ‘YCM’ owner, immediately suggested that I wait as she was constructing four unique totes made from genuine MOSCHINO recycled cotton jeans. Oh, I was like a kid waiting or Christmas! As you can see from the pic, the Moschino makes up the quirky front panel and the sides, bottom and back of the tote are from animal print upholstery off-cuts, giving my tote a luxurious, velvety, winter feel. The bag lining is 100% cotton quilting Cheetah Swirl fabric, in a gorgeous silver/grey/taupe colour. The only ode to this being from a ‘kids label’ is the cute ‘doggy button toggle’ between the handles, which works with the quirkiness of this piece!

Handmade by Monique, the craftsmanship is superb and has banished any thoughts of ‘handmade equals second best’ from my mind once and for all! The ‘Your Cheeky Monkey’ label inside the tote gives the bag a professional finish, as do the ‘Your Cheeky Monkey’ care instructions. My tote is roomy without being obscenely large, dimensions being approx. 32cm W x 29cm H x 9cm D.

If you are a woman who loves the ease of entry and exit of items into a bag, you will love this one. I took it as my ‘afternoon bag’ on a recent hospital stay and 12 handy items, including a book and small items of clothing were easily accommodated…mind you I nearly lost it five times to Nurses! It could easily double as a ‘tres cool nappy bag’; it’s comfortable to wear and in my book, ticks all of the boxes. A steal at $39.95 for a unique, handcrafted tote, be quick as there are only 3 more available with the MOSCHINO panel, at http://www.yourcheekymonkey.com.au/

I have also subscribed to Monique’s newsletter so that I am kept updated on more hot products like this one and I follow her blog at http://yourcheekymonkey.blogspot.com/

This product receives ‘Paula’s choice Award’. Paula Kuhnemann is the Editor & Founder of ‘aussie mums interactive online magazine’, www.connect2mums.com.au

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