Osteopenia at 36

I just got a call from the doctors office to inform me that I have Osteopenia (bone loss in between normal range and osteoporosis) and that I need to start taking weekly medication.

This is not a complete surprise to me, but I guess I had expected to have the opportunity to discuss with the doctor my options for medication vs physical therapy etc. I am also surprised because they don’t even have my blood test results back yet and therefore don’t know the reason for the bone loss.

Given my mothers severe Osteoporosis I am happy to get an early diagnosis prior to getting fractures and to the have the time to start building more bone density before menopause.

I would really like to start exercising as I know that my mum has had great success with hydrotherapy but other than an exercise bike and the stair walking I do in our 3 story home I am not sure what my options are. Normally I would have just started walking but due to the arthritis in my left foot and the absense of a fat pad in my foot I was advised over 2 years ago to stop walking for exercise.

Hopefully tomorrow my blood test results will come back with more information that can help the doctor work out the cause of the osteopenia.

I have to admit that despite a family history I am still a little shell shocked.

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