Family Beach Cabana Tent with UPF 50 +

I love to go to the beach and be out in the sun, but after growing up in the Australian sun I really need to cover up.

For us, going to the beach is a bit of a treck so we end up spending a good part of the day in the sun. The kids are happy in their sun shirts with SPF and I now spend most of my time in our Cabana.

I have used this at the beach, fully closed to take and nap and shield the cool sea breeze, at the park to shade the kids whilst they played in the sandpit, at baseball to keep little miss and I out of the sun and the heat. As you can probably tell by now I really like the Cabana.

I can carry it on my back with the included bag and still have my hands free for all the other items I need to carry.

It instantly pops up when you remove it from the bag which makes set up a breeze. My only recommendation would be to practice packing it up at home before taking this to the beach. It is one of those items that needs to be folded in a specific way to get it back in the bag. I am on the small side and not very strong so the first few times were a struggle until I got my technique right.

There are instructions but I think I may have over analysed them… Here is what I do. Undo the zippers, fold flat by pushing both sides together. Put one hand on either edge of the floral print at the bottom, holding firmly cross both arms in front of your body and the cabana will spring closed. Tighten the circle and place in the bag and you are done.

I can now do this on my own in a couple of minutes. It was well worth the few practice tries as this Cabana is going to be part of our summers for years to come.

If you are interested in purchasing this Cabana it is available exclusively through One Step Ahead and can be purchased here .

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