22 days and counting….

We will be heading to LAX in 22 days for our trip to Australia….. YEAH!

We get to fly on the new A380 with Qantas to Sydney.

Here is what Qantas have to say about Economy Class.
The Qantas A380 Economy seat focuses on ergonomics and comfort, featuring:

•The world’s first single-beam aircraft seat, allowing more legroom.
•A seat base that moves in conjunction with recline, providing more comfort.
•Multi-adjustable headrest and cushioned armrests.
•Cushioning designed for side-sleep.
•Unique netted “footnet” leg support.
•Business and connectivity features including PC power, USB and internet ports and in-seat telephone with reply SMS functionality.
•State-of-the-art entertainment system and IFE with over 1,000 on-demand audio and video entertainment choices.

I have to say that as we are travelling with a 4 and 5 year old I am happy to have a power supply available. We may need it to recharge their Leapster2 consoles.

I am hoping the seats are more comfortable but I guess I can let you all know the verdict after the trip. At 5’2 (157 cm) airplane seats seem no more comfortable for me than for my 6 foot tall husband.

I have decided to get a list together and start collecting all the items we need to bring in a couple of locations throughout the house. We always seem to be packing at the last minute and I am hoping to avoid that stress this time.

This is my starting list that is going to grow considerably in length and detail….
1. Waiting for kids Aussie passports to get processed. Fingers crossed they arrive in time.
2. Do we all have enough winter clothes in the right size?
3. Toiletries
4. Medications (check which ones can we bring into Australia)
5. Organize transportation to and from the airport in US.
6. Organize paperwork to bring. It is much easier to update details in person than via international phone calls.
7. Buy travel insurance.
8. Get Tamiflu shot

Going to go enjoy the afternoon with Mr 5. He finished Kindergarten today!!

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2 thoughts on “22 days and counting….

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    Sounds like a fun trip! May you and family have a great time, and most of all, safe journey. 22 Days.. there'll be lots to blog about when you're back. ^^

    social media/blogging

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