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Osteopenia at 36

I just got a call from the doctors office to inform me that I have Osteopenia (bone loss in between normal range and osteoporosis) and that I need to start taking weekly medication.

This is not a complete surprise to me, but I guess I had expected to have the opportunity to discuss with the doctor my options for medication vs physical therapy etc. I am also surprised because they don’t even have my blood test results back yet and therefore don’t know the reason for the bone loss.

Given my mothers severe Osteoporosis I am happy to get an early diagnosis prior to getting fractures and to the have the time to start building more bone density before menopause.

I would really like to start exercising as I know that my mum has had great success with hydrotherapy but other than an exercise bike and the stair walking I do in our 3 story home I am not sure what my options are. Normally I would have just started walking but due to the arthritis in my left foot and the absense of a fat pad in my foot I was advised over 2 years ago to stop walking for exercise.

Hopefully tomorrow my blood test results will come back with more information that can help the doctor work out the cause of the osteopenia.

I have to admit that despite a family history I am still a little shell shocked.

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Family Beach Cabana Tent with UPF 50 +

Family Beach Cabana Tent with UPF 50 +

I love to go to the beach and be out in the sun, but after growing up in the Australian sun I really need to cover up.

For us, going to the beach is a bit of a treck so we end up spending a good part of the day in the sun. The kids are happy in their sun shirts with SPF and I now spend most of my time in our Cabana.

I have used this at the beach, fully closed to take and nap and shield the cool sea breeze, at the park to shade the kids whilst they played in the sandpit, at baseball to keep little miss and I out of the sun and the heat. As you can probably tell by now I really like the Cabana.

I can carry it on my back with the included bag and still have my hands free for all the other items I need to carry.

It instantly pops up when you remove it from the bag which makes set up a breeze. My only recommendation would be to practice packing it up at home before taking this to the beach. It is one of those items that needs to be folded in a specific way to get it back in the bag. I am on the small side and not very strong so the first few times were a struggle until I got my technique right.

There are instructions but I think I may have over analysed them… Here is what I do. Undo the zippers, fold flat by pushing both sides together. Put one hand on either edge of the floral print at the bottom, holding firmly cross both arms in front of your body and the cabana will spring closed. Tighten the circle and place in the bag and you are done.

I can now do this on my own in a couple of minutes. It was well worth the few practice tries as this Cabana is going to be part of our summers for years to come.

If you are interested in purchasing this Cabana it is available exclusively through One Step Ahead and can be purchased here .

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Juice Pal from One Step Ahead

Juice Pal from One Step Ahead

Juice boxes and little kids don’t mix well.

The juice box gets squeezed too much as it is being poked with a straw or the kids think it is like a sippy cup or drink bottle and tip it upside down.

Without a doubt they can be very messy.

We found a solution with the Juice Pal, the only juice box caddy that holds all sizes of juice boxes or juice pouches from One Step Ahead.

We have been using these for a few years with our kids and love them. These get tossed in the bag when we go out for the day and especially on long trips. Who needs juice accidents when you are away from home?

To purchase visit One Step Ahead

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FREE Summer movies at Mann Theatres

For the past year or two my husband and kids have taken advantage of the Regal Theatres summer promotion of Free Movies on Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings at 10am.

Unfortunately for us the Regal Theatres are a bit of a drive so I was overjoyed when a friend mentioned that the Mann Theatres also have free movies.

Come and enjoy a fun summer family movie for all ages!
ADMISSION IS FREE! (subject to seating availability)
All shows begin 10:00am

6/15, 6/17 – Over The Hedge
6/22, 6/24 – Horton Hears a Who
6/29, 7/1 – Shrek
7/6, 7/8 – Shrek 2
7/13, 7/15 – Shrek the Third
7/20, 7/22 – Surf’s Up
7/27, 7/29 – Barnyard
8/3, 8/5 – Sharktales
8/10, 8/12 – Spongebob Squarepants Movie

6/16, 6/18 – Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium
6/23, 6/25 – Space Chimps
6/30, 7/2 – Nanny McFee
7/7, 7/9 – Tale of Despereaux
7/14, 7/16 – Flushed Away
7/21, 7/23 – Kung Fu Panda
7/28, 7/30 – Alvin & The Chipmunks
8/4, 8/6 – Madagascar
8/11, 8/13 – Robots

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Host a party and save big on your favorite products

A lot of direct sales companies provide incentives to hostesses for having a party in their home. eg. Tupperware, Arbonne, Tastefully Simple.

All you have to do is invite some friends over and an Independent Consultant will come to your home and do a presentation about the products. Your consultant will be able to explain what free or discounted host gifts you are eligible for.

Each company and potentially each consultant will have some great ideas for party themes. eg Mom/daughter make overs, spa treatments, wrap parties

Don’t have the time or interest in hosting a party but would like to save some money on your favorite products? Talk to your consultant and find out if you can have a Catalogue party. You hand out catalogues and order forms to friends, family or colleagues and collect orders by a specific date.

As an example, here are the current benefits of hosting an Arbonne party:

Each $150 retail sale order receives the opportunity to purchase the NutriMinC® RE9® Body Care System in a drawstring Host Gift Bag, an $92 value, for only $25 or the Seasource Detox Spa Soak Set, an $115 value, for only $35.

Each $250 retail sale order receives the opportunity to select $100 SRP of products for only $20. A $500 SRP order can select $200 of products for $40, and so on, and so on. Click on one of the options below to begin purchasing from this special offer.

These benefits are in addition to the Purchase with Purchase options that Arbonne offers all their customers.

So the next time you need to stock up on products from a direct sales company consider hosting a party first.

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22 days and counting….

We will be heading to LAX in 22 days for our trip to Australia….. YEAH!

We get to fly on the new A380 with Qantas to Sydney.

Here is what Qantas have to say about Economy Class.
The Qantas A380 Economy seat focuses on ergonomics and comfort, featuring:

•The world’s first single-beam aircraft seat, allowing more legroom.
•A seat base that moves in conjunction with recline, providing more comfort.
•Multi-adjustable headrest and cushioned armrests.
•Cushioning designed for side-sleep.
•Unique netted “footnet” leg support.
•Business and connectivity features including PC power, USB and internet ports and in-seat telephone with reply SMS functionality.
•State-of-the-art entertainment system and IFE with over 1,000 on-demand audio and video entertainment choices.

I have to say that as we are travelling with a 4 and 5 year old I am happy to have a power supply available. We may need it to recharge their Leapster2 consoles.

I am hoping the seats are more comfortable but I guess I can let you all know the verdict after the trip. At 5’2 (157 cm) airplane seats seem no more comfortable for me than for my 6 foot tall husband.

I have decided to get a list together and start collecting all the items we need to bring in a couple of locations throughout the house. We always seem to be packing at the last minute and I am hoping to avoid that stress this time.

This is my starting list that is going to grow considerably in length and detail….
1. Waiting for kids Aussie passports to get processed. Fingers crossed they arrive in time.
2. Do we all have enough winter clothes in the right size?
3. Toiletries
4. Medications (check which ones can we bring into Australia)
5. Organize transportation to and from the airport in US.
6. Organize paperwork to bring. It is much easier to update details in person than via international phone calls.
7. Buy travel insurance.
8. Get Tamiflu shot

Going to go enjoy the afternoon with Mr 5. He finished Kindergarten today!!

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Free Movies during the Summer

For the past few years we have been taking advantage of the Free Family movies at theatres part of the Regal Entertainment group.

Here is a little more information from Regal about the program:
When school’s out, kids around the country visit selected Regal theatres for the Free Family Film Festival. It’s a fun-filled nine weeks of movies for kids and parents. Since 1991, Regal has provided this service to the community, and best of all it’s FREE!

Selected G & PG movies start at 10AM each Tuesday and Wednesday during the festival. First-come, first-served seating is limited to theatre capacity. The Free Family Film Festival is safe, lots of fun and a great way for kids to spend a weekday morning in the summer.

Tickets for our 2009 Free Family Film Festival are exclusively available at select theatres’ box office on the day of the show.

Visit Regal Entertainment for a list of theatres and movies showing in your area.

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Arbonne Prolief and PhytoProlief for Hormone balancing

Arbonne Prolief and PhytoProlief for Hormone balancing

If you ask my family I have had hormone issues since I was around 11. To be honest I have to agree with them. Fortunately for all involved it is not always bad but since having our youngest I have found myself struggling with lack of sleep and hormones that are out of wack.

Our youngest is now 4 so I think that my body should have recovered to some degree by now…. I have tried oral contraceptives, changing diet you name it and nothing worked. In fact some of the things I tried made me worse… and I didn’t think that was possible.

When my sponsor mentioned that Arbonne had creams for hormone balancing I was intrigued. I had read about the idea online a year before but have never been brave enough to try it. So when I placed my first big order as a Consultant I decided it was worth a try.

Well I LOVE IT!! When used regularly I feel like a completely different person and I feel much calmer. Application is based on your personal situation. Please contact me prior to ordering and using so that I can provide you with the correct information for your situation.

The natural balancing creams are applied to soft tissues including, chest, inner arms, neck, face, palms of hands and soles of feet, with the best results from rotating applications to different soft tissues.

I am using the Prolief which is for women who have not gone through menopause. For those that have there is PhytoProlief which contains phytoeostrogen herbs.

Both of these creams are botanically based and come in a metered pump to ensure accurate and consistent application.

If you have any questions about these products or any other Arbonne product feel free to leave a comment or you can sign my guestbook and I will respond via email.

Rebecca Doll.
Arbonne Independent Consultant

Note: This review is a personal opinion of an Arbonne product that I have tried and at the time of publishing am currently using. Any claims are purely those of the author and not those of Arbonne International.

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Vitamin D Testing: Why It Matters, How It’s Done

In paying my bill at Quest Diagnostics I came across this great video about Vitamin D importance and the tests available.

Coming from a family with Vitamin D deficiency I think it is very important to learn more about this.

Did you know low Vitamin D levels are linked to higher levels of pain in Fibromyalgia patients?

You know Vitamin D influences health. But did you know that there are two types of Vitamin D? Or that laboratories use different testing platforms to measure the vitamin? In “Vitamin D Testing — Why it Matters, How it’s Done,” experts from Quest Diagnostics and Harbor UCLA Medical Center provide an overview on Vitamin D and how two common testing technologies measure levels of the vitamin in the body.

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Save on Books and DVDs all year

If you love to read and don’t have access to a local library OR would like to keep a book a little longer than that, why not exchange your books.

Bookins is a unique book and DVD trading engine. Use it to find good homes for your books and movies, and to get items you want in exchange.

Offering items is easy. Simply enter the ISBN or UPC code from the back of your book or DVD. Our site will fill in all the details like title and cover image. Then, pick items you’d like to receive.

Our system will automatically arrange for shipments. From you to one member and from a third member back to you, and so on. You never have to contact anyone, there is no bidding, and there are no hassles of dealing with different traders and personalities for each exchange.

In addition to automating the exchange process, providing postage, and tracking all shipments, we have a staff of professional customer service representatives. If there is ever a problem with a trade, let us know and we will quickly resolve it. We will also provide credit for lost or damaged items.

You value your time. We recognize that, and don’t want to waste it. Let us help you find new homes for your used items. You’ll reinvent your book and movie collections, save money, and have fun watching our system work for you.

The Basics
• You own the books and DVDs you get. Keep them or exchange them when you are done.
• Books and DVDs can be exchanged for each other. Just let us know what you have and what you want, our system will take care of the rest.
• Convenient shipping. Print shipping labels with free prepaid U.S. postage from our website. Use regular paper. No need to go to the post office. No need to use your own stamps.
• It’s Easy. Our system arranges for you to get the items you select. No need to contact other members. No bidding. No negotiating.
• Flat rate shipping. Every item you receive is $4.49, regardless of weight. This shipping charge includes delivery confirmation. Track all shipments right on our site.
• Our Quality Guarantee. 100% satisfaction with every book every time, or your next shipment is on us. DVDs you receive will be playable, or we will replace them at our expense.

To learn more visit Bookins today.

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