What makes Arbonne products different?

There are some things that make Arbonne different from other skin care ranges out there. I have tried quite a few different product ranges for myself and my family and I am very impressed with the quality and the REsults that we have had with Arbonne.

Arbonne International has been around in the US for 29 years and has recently expanded into Australia, Canada and the UK.

The products are:
BOTANICALLY BASED: this means there is a blend of science and nature based on herbal and botanical principles and our products are plant based.

pH-CORRECT: our skin’s pH is about 5.5. So we need to make sure we are using products that have the same pH as our skin so we don’t disturb the acid mantle that protexts our skin against bacteria. ALL Arbonne products are pH correct to ensure maximum benefit.

HYPOALLERGENIC: Voluntary human testing meets Hypoallergenic substantiation claim criteria. We have one of the lowest allergenic rates in the industry.

DERMATOLOGIST TESTED: Voluntary human tests are done under the watchful eye of an independent dermatologist.

NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS: Substantiation and safety testing is performed at independent laboratories on voluntary human panels. The products are certified vegan.

FORMULATED WITHOUT ANIMAL PRODUCTS OR BY-PRODUCTS: Animal products and by-products are very drying to the skin; and have detrimental long-term effects. Arbonne products are derived from plants and herbs together with science and technology offering superior benefits.

FORMULATED WITHOUT MINERAL OIL: mineral oil is derived from crude oil, is occlusive and cannot penetrate the skin, because it’s molecules are larger than our pores. It also blocks pores (the skin cannot breathe)and therefore contributes to blemishes. Products with mineral oils just sit on the skin surface and actually inhibit the skin’s ability to obsorb oxygen, release toxins and leeches out vitamins A, C and E. In other words, they can interfere with skin functions as well as advanced delivery systems. All oils used in Arbonne products are bio-available (eg plant based).

FORMULATED WITHOUT ARTIFICAL DYES OR CHEMICAL FRAGRANCES: these are known irritants and can cause allergic reactions. The lovely smell of our products come from natural botanical scents.

FORMULATED WITHOUT SD40 ALCOHOL: none of our toners contain SD 40 Alcohol, which is the drying agent in hairspray. It’s so drying that, when applied to the skin, it may give the skin a tight and clean feeling at first. But it dries out your skin and strips it of it’s natural oils – your oil glands then overproduce in order to compensate for the loss.

FORMULATED WITHOUT LANOLIN OR COLLAGEN: these are both animal by-products. Lanolin comes from the sweat gland of a sheep and is very irritating to many people’s skin. Collagen cannot be absorbed through the skin in the form of a cream as the molecules are too large.

If you would like to sample any of the Arbonne product line please sign my guestbook and provide information about your skin concerns.

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