The Wedding Dress

The two common questions women ask know when you are getting married are to see the engagement ring and to know what the dress is going to be like.

The ring is a Tiffany cut band with a 1ct single diamond.

The dress… I love my dress. It took me hours to find the right dress. I am 5’2 (157 cm) and at the time weighed about 48kgs (105 lbs) and finding the right dress took forever. So many of the dresses in the bridal boutiques in Sydney were US sizes. I was wearing a Australian size 6 and all the US made dresses would just fall off me and made me feel like I was playing dress up.

Then one day I took my mum to the shop and there was a dress in the window with coloured beads and I thought it was beautiful. I had immediately ruled the dress out because I thought I should wear something a little more traditional. My mum convinced me to go in and try it on. With hesitation I asked the sales assistant what the smallest size the dress was available in. When she told me I was a little disappointed because it was bigger than my normal dress size, but she assured me that it should fit as it was made in China and it ran really small. Well she was right and I was ecstatic as I had finally found my dress. I then found out it would take 6 months to make in China as they hand bead the dresses there. Luckily that gave me just enough time before the wedding to have the length adjusted.

As we were getting married in the US and I was living in Sydney I watched the calendar with anticipation. I wanted to make sure I could be fitted before I moved and sure enough the fitting took place and the dress was ready before I left. Now for some reason I had decided to leave the dress in Australia and not bring it with me. I think it was because we didn’t have a lot of space where we were living and because I didn’t want JD to see the dress. I also believed I would be returning to Australia prior to the wedding and could bring the dress back then.

As it turned out I wasn’t able to return to Australia before the wedding so I had to find another way to get this BIG dress to the US. My mum and nana were coming over for the wedding, but then mum got sick. They called Qantas and they couldn’t promise with the heightened security after September 11th that they would allow nana to carry the dress on the plane and she was already bringing the wedding chocolates in her suitcase.

So I called an international delivery company and spoke to the gentleman in the Sydney office. I asked if they help my grandfather get the dress in a suitable box and fill in the custom forms due to his age and ill health. As it turned out, they didn’t help him in the way that I had hoped and used the smallest box imaginable. I was a little upset to hear this but I figured it was important to get my dress and at least it was on it’s way. This was just the start of a very long journey for my wedding dress. It flew from Sydney to the Texas, instead of Los Angeles or San Francisco. It then got stuck with the delivery company due to an issue with the customs form as apparently it had very little detail entered. Again this would not have been so bad, if there were staff in this office. Apparently there was only 1 person who worked about 4 hours a day to deal with all customs questions and issues. Needless to say my dress took over 4 days to clear customs and then got misplaced a few times with 3rd party carriers. I was so worried that I would have nothing to wear on my wedding day. In the end I got the dress 1 day before we had to leave for Vegas and then I had to find someone who could press a beaded dress once we got to Vegas and could pick up. It was a lot more stress than I needed or wanted right before the wedding!

If you have read about our 3 weddings you are probably wondering how we got the dress back to Sydney?

I certainly wasn’t going to check the dress, in case a bag got misplaced or lost and with the heightened security so soon after September 11th I suspected they may give me issue about carrying the dress on, but I was determined that my dress and I were not going to be seperated again… So I stood waiting to board the plane with my very nervous husband with my garment bag over my arm and my carry on. When it was time to board he got really worried and asked me what I was going to do if they stopped me. So I told him I would put the dress on over my clothes and wear it on the plane if I had to but I wasn’t going to give it up. He laughed and then watched as I walked passed and avoided eye contact with the crew. I got that dress from LA to Sydney and back again without having to part with it!

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