How did you get your acne to clear up?

For 24 years I have had issues with my skin.

It started at 11 as I was working in a Fish and Chip shop and the grease was not great for my skin. My mum got me to use Rose Water lotion to clean my skin.

By 16 my skin was pretty bad. I look back at photos and I am surprised at how bad it was. I used to go and get the pustules lasered about once a month. I tried so many different products with limited results. The best thing seemed to be swimming in the ocean and having my back in the sun.

At 18 I went off to Uni and was away from the beach and my skin just got worse. By April my regular doctor took one look at my face and told me I had to start taking medication. I was on low dose antibiotics, Retin-A cream, and the pill for one year. It took at least 4 months for my skin to get under control. Looking at photos from the end of that year I looked so funny with my very white face and tanned body. Retin-A can increase the chances of developing skin cancer and I was warned by the doctors to make sure I used sunscreen every day, no matter what. There were not a lot of choices available in 1991.

Once I went off the medication my skin did OK. I had to really look after it to keep it from breaking out. The best thing was Diane 35 which was a new pill that was working for a lot of women with adult acne. I went on and off it over the years as the need presented itself. I washed my face daily and tried my best not to sleep in the very little makeup that I did wear.

After I moved to the US my skin got worse again. The pill was not an option this time, as Diane 35 is not available in the US. I was able to have monthly facials to help keep my pores from becoming too blocked, that the pustules would start again.
Sometime in 2008 I had to start using acne products again. I hated it, they left my skin looking dull and these so called pore minimisers were making my black heads larger and flat not smaller.

I met a friend who recommended I try something new. It wasn’t even an acne product so I was VERY skeptical because to be honest I had tried so much over the years and I figured it was just more hype. The anti-aging line I tried felt really nice to use and to start with a little too heavy. About a week into using the products I decided to do a Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. It’s a little embarassing to admit that I was dancing around my living room afterwards. Some of the pores on my face had reduced in size by 50%, with all pores visibly smaller. Over the next month the oil slick that was once a permanent feature on my t-zone disappeared. That gunk that had been stuck in my pores seemed to be stopping my skin from absorbing the moisturiser I was using.

It has now been 6 months since I started using Arbonne’s Anti-Aging line RE9 and I love it. My pores are gradually getting smaller each month and the few breakouts I have had seem to be related to my inability to not squeeze the blackheads that are left…..

If I had been a little younger, or my acne more severe I would have started with Arbonne Clear Advantage. It is the Arbonne line for the treatment of Acne and has recently been reformulated. From what I am reading and seeing from other people’s testimonies I think it is a great first choice for anyone with acne or who is frustrated with breakouts.

I think that the main reason the Arbonne products are so effective is because that are very high quality and they don’t contain a lot of the fillers that a lot of store bought products do. They contain no mineral oil, no animal products, no animal by-products, no dyes, no artificial fragrances. They contain botanical ingredients but to my surprise were not irritating. I cannot tolerate a lot of Absorbic Acid (vitamin C) in my diet and I knew there were oranges as one of the ingredients and I had no reaction at all.

The acne/blemish line is very affordable at just $64.50 USD for an entire set including a skin support supplement.

If you are interested in learning more about the products please visit Arbonne.

Arbonne products are available in Australia, the UK, USA and Canada.

Preferred customers can save 20% off retail prices for 1 year and 50% off their first order.*** conditions apply ***

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One thought on “How did you get your acne to clear up?

  1. It’s the most talk about skin problem over this days which includes even the youngster who just started to enter adulthood. Definitely it’s part of every people’s life but then they were factors that affects it and make it even worst. This has been due to the reason that some people just easily dodge on products without even confirming it with the expert.
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