The Weddings….

Yes that’s right, I wrote Weddings….

We were always planning to get married in the US, mostly because it was a requirement for my Fiance visa.

My immediate family were all saving up for their once in a lifetime opportunity to come to the US so it just didn’t occur to me to have a second wedding in Australia.

As it turned out nothing went to plan.

In August 2001 I left my job and came to the US to chill out before the wedding. My fiance visa was still being processed so I knew I would have to go back to Australia one more time before the wedding for the interview in Sydney. Well September 11th happened and my family got caught in the aftermath and were left with no tickets and waiting for compensation that was not going to arrive before the wedding. In addition to that the flower girls (my half-sister and 2 nieces) mums were not about to let their babies on a plane to America. So here we were less than a month before the wedding and it looked like only my nana was coming over.

Shortly afterwards our honeymoon got cancelled because the cruise line went bankrupt and then I got the letter from the INS informing me to be in Sydney for my immigration interview 3 days after the wedding….

To say I was a little stressed was an understatement.

We decided to go ahead with the ceremony in the US and not sign the marriage certificate. Then the day after the wedding we would fly back to Australia for the immigration interview and have our honeymoon there. My dad was really upset that he wasn’t going to walk me down the aisle and kept telling me how he wanted to see me in my dress so I suggested he pay for a wedding in Sydney. Anyone who knows him, will understand that I really didn’t think he would; but after 3 days he agreed to give me $3500. I planned that wedding in less than 48 hrs for approx 40 people and stayed under budget but that will have to be another post.

So in October 2001 we ended up exchanging vows 3 times.

Wedding # 1 – Las Vegas, NV at Sunset Gardens with approx 80 family and friends
Wedding # 2 – Sydney, Australia at the Quay with approx 40 friends and family
Wedding # 3 – Las Vegas, NV (the official wedding) with mother-in-law as a witness.

I got to wear my dress to both the 1st and the 2nd ceremonies and opted for a more casual look for the 3rd ceremony.

My dad thought it was funny that we were having 3 ceremonies in 1 month; whilst JD thought it was cheaper than having 3 different ex-wives… like my dad.

What issues came up in your wedding planning?

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5 thoughts on “The Weddings….

  1. Oh my gosh what an crazy month you had! I have to say when I first read the post I was like LUCKY YOU 3 WEDDINGS!! But as I read further I couldn’t believe all the things that happened.
    Would you change any of it though? Sounds like you did have 3 pretty special days.
    I will post another reply for My Wedding.

  2. We had a few issues with our wedding but nothing that dramatic. We lived in Western NSW and got Married on the Mid North Coast of NSW so we had a lot of planning to do via phone and email etc.
    We had a few issues with bridesmaids and groomsmen we had at one stage 4 guys and 5 girls. 1 girl pulled out and so 2 guys. None of us lived in the same town so we had a bit of trouble buying dresses and having fittings but we got there in the end.
    My Mum and Dad are very traditional and wanted to invite loads of people. You know the story they invited us to their daughters wedding so we have to invite them sort of stories!
    In the end we had a beautiful wedding at Wooli where hubby and I had met 6 years earlier. Our son was our page boy and we had a little flower girl who was the daughter of one of my bridesmaids. Instead of just asking other guys to fill in we chose to have the 4 bridesmaids and 2 groomsmen with 2 girls each (the groomsmen thought that was pretty cool)
    We released butterflies at our wedding and also when we had our photos take which turned out really well too. I was a bit worried something would go wrong with them but it all worked really well.
    We had 120 odd gests and all but 1 of those lived in Wooli so we had to send out our wedding invites 6months in advance and also sent out info on where to stay etc. It was a forced holiday for everyone! Lots of people have told us it was one of the best weddings they have had the pleasure of attending.

    We honeymooned along the QLD Coast and had a wonderful time. My fave spot for our honeymoon was Airlie Beach. I love the name Airlie and we named our baby girl Airlie 3 years later.

    I wouldn’t change a thing!

    love to get married again … yes to the same man! When Airlie was born Mason (5) at the time asked if we were getting married again so Airlie could get married to us as well. Leading up to the wedding Mason told everyone ‘WE’ are getting married so we got rings and he got a chain. Hopefully we get to get married again with Airlie soon!!

  3. Fiona that is a great story. I love Airlie Beach as well. I want to take the kids one day although we always seem to spend a lot of time in Sydney seeing family.
    I couldn’t imagine trying to organise a wedding outside of Sydney or Melbourne from out of town. I was so lucky that a lot of our vendors had web sites or I think I may have melted down at some point.
    I think destination weddings are great because people seem more committed to having a good time.
    FYI – I have a funny story (now) about my missing wedding dress… that I will post soon.

    I wouldn’t change a thing about our weddings either.

    I met am aussie couple on a Disney Cruise last year who were there with their son to renew their wedding vows. I thought that was very sweet, although a little extravagant.

    I think if we ever did another ceremony I would like it to be in Tahiti…. as I really wanted to go for our honeymoon.

    I hope you are able to get married with Airlie too. Kids have a wonderful take on life.

  4. You forgot to mention the great bridesmaid who’s airline was about to collapse 2 hours before she had to be on the plane, but was saved in the dying hours, who flew 22 hour, landed Friday afternoon, organised a hens night at short notice (and with knowing no one) and managed to get you dressed and down the isle will the assistance of all the other bridesmaid. And I still can’t believe you made me wear PURPLE!

    Love you anyway!


  5. Thanks Lou (anonymous)

    We had a great time at the Hens night and yes you were definately a trooper about wearing purple. I could have let you wear black but then it would have been at the beach…. lol

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