How I planned a wedding in less than 48 hrs for under $3500

If you have lived in Sydney and spent anytime in the city there is a chance you have seen a bride and groom having photos taken in the park under the Harbour Bridge.

I always wanted to get photos taken there. I figured it was probably really expensive to get married in that park.

When I found out we had to get married in the US I figured that I would not be having a Sydney wedding. So when the chance came up, the first place I thought of was that park. It turned out the park was available for 2 hrs the day we wanted and it only cost about $200 for the reservation.

The park is right next door to the Sydney Park Hyatt so we went to check out the menu. We reserved a couple of tables and got a great deal on a 2 course meal with 1 drink for each guest.

At this time I had only been living in the US a few months but I was craving Aussie food so for our cake we headed to Michel’s Patisserie and ordered a Chocolate Mud Cake to have back at the Hilton with family and friends after lunch.
Using the Yellow Pages I was able to find a great place to get my dress cleaned as the train was quite dirty from the first wedding. But I needed jewellery…. Our jeweller in the US had lent us jewellery for the first wedding. He had offered us the opportunity to bring the pieces to Australia and send them back via FedEx but I didn’t want to risk losing them. Being in the heart of Sydney we strolled through the Strand Arcade and found a great little store with the perfect drop earrings and necklace.

The thing that we found the hardest was getting my husband a tux for the day. But like everything else we managed to work that out too.

We really wanted to get some nice photos of our wedding, but I didn’t know of anyone in my family that could take photos without cutting peoples heads off. I got online and checked around and knew there was no way we were going to be able to afford a professional photographer. Well that was until I stopped at my old chiropractors office. We got to chatting with the receptionist and she mentioned a client who was trying to build her portfolio for wedding photography! The total cost of our wedding photos, including an album was just $400.

Trying to get a celebrant on a Saturday with less than 2 weeks notice was not going to be an easy task. We also had to find someone who would understand our situation and not require a marriage certificate. I had a light bulb moment and looked for those who officiated over same sex marriages and had a celebrant in under an hour.

I got my makeup done at the Mac counter in Myers/Grace Bros and then went upstairs to the salon to get my hair done as my hair dresser was working there at the time. I got a few looks from the customers in Myers/Grace Bros as I walked through with my veil but it didn’t bother me.
My dress had coloured beads and I had wanted a bouquet of purple roses to be carried on one arm, as opposed to a traditional bouquet. I was able to get the dozen roses and a couple of boxes of rose petals for an amazing price from the flower store underground at Town Hall station. This bouquet was actually better than the one I had for the first wedding.

So in the end this is how things turned out.

Location – Sydney, park under the Harbour Bridge, Opera House in the background.
Lunch – Sydney Park Hyatt
Cake – Sydney Hilton concierge level

I will post photos soon… I promise.

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2 thoughts on “How I planned a wedding in less than 48 hrs for under $3500

  1. Maybe you use to be a wedding planner in another life? Great job. Can’t wait to see a picture 🙂

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