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Hilton Honor Rewards Program

I cannot say enough good things about the Hilton Honors Rewards program.

We have an American Express credit card that we use for all our purchases and pay off in full each month. That card is linked to our Hilton Honors rewards.

In 2007 we were able to use our points and stay at the newly renovated Sydney Hilton for about 10 nights of our stay. Due to our card level we were able to get upgraded to the concierge level and enjoy the wonderful bonuses that comes with. Breakfast, snacks throughout the day including sodas; cocktails at about 5pm daily along with appetisers and free Internet access.

This past week we have been looking into another trip back to Australia to see family and friends and to our delight we have enough points for 2 weeks at the Sydney Hilton. There is a possibility that we may even get the same room as last time! It allows for two separate sleeping areas by closing a sliding wall, which means that the kids can sleep in the lounge area and we can go to bed a little later and all get a good nights sleep.

Would we stay at the Sydney Hilton without the points? Probably not. It is a wonderful luxury to be able to enjoy and it seems much more special when you have the privilege of not having to pay for it.

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Do you have a trip planned to Australia?

We do now! This week Qantas had a great sale and we were able to get tickets for all 4 of us for under $2600 USD.

We are leaving the US on the 3rd of July and flying into Sydney. The first week is most likely going to be at the Sydney Hilton. Then we will most likely go visit my mum in Cardiff for 4 or 5 days and head back to the Hilton for another week before flying home.

Hunter has already started making his request for places he wants to visit.
1. Museum – he wants to see the dinosaurs again.
2. Poppy and the two nana’s, and uncle wayne and that crazy uncle matty who seems to have survived a lot of crazy stuff.

I was originally hoping that I could have stayed longer but given my recent change in employment status I guess having a holiday for almost 3 weeks is not bad.

If anyone wants to catch up with us whilst we are there, feel free to send us an email and we will see what we can do.

See you all soon.


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