What made you decide to move to the US?

I have a degree in computing and have spent my time since Uni designing and testing computer applications.

After working my butt off at my first job and then being made redundant, I decided that I would make sure that I got paid what I was worth from then on. When I went to England in 1997 I began doing contract work and love being paid by the hour, rather than salary. This was one of the deciding factors in my decision to move to the US. Another significant part, was JD has a Federal job. It comes with a pension at retirement and health benefits, which allows me the freedom to continue contract work.

It would have been too hard to come to the US and have to take a job where you only get 2 weeks holiday a year.

JD gets close to 5 weeks holiday a year so we are able to travel a lot; and I have managed to contract at the same company for almost 7 years and before each contract extension I specify my vacation time.

At the time, 2001, the Aussie dollar was only worth about 50 to 60 US cents so with our love for travel it honestly just made more financial sense.

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