Warm Belly Wetsuit

Do you have a child doing swimming lessons?

Are they shivering the entire class even though the water is heated?

Have you ever wished they could wear a wetsuit for swim class?

I did. And I thought about it and realized that the sleeves of the wet suit would make it impracticle for proper swimming arm movements for a 2 and 4 year old.

I searched online for hours trying to find something, especially our youngest who has very low body fat and whose lips were almost blue at the end of class.

Eureka!!!! I found it. A wet suit without sleeves that allows arm movement and adjusts in size so you don’t have to buy a new wetsuit every few months.

It is hard to tell in the photos but there are large strips of velcro on the shoulder straps that allow you to adjust the size of the suit. Our kids did winter and summer swim classes in the same suit and I am pretty sure they still fit.

Take a look for yourself. We think they are worth it. Warm Belly Wetsuits


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