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What are you doing now?

With 2 young kids, a 5 year old boy and an almost 4 year old girl they keep me busy.

I am currently doing computer consultant work for about 40 hrs a week; and am fortunate that I have a very short commute to work and that I can work from home if needed. I would prefer to be home with the kids but I know when we can afford for me to do that, I would need something to keep me occupied when they are in school.

I have tried a few different home businesses over the past 5 years with little success as I was either not completely into the company or the products weren’t right for my local market.

Late last year I tried some new products on my skin. After over 20 years suffering with break outs I was soo happy to find something that nourished my skin and didn’t give me pimples or blackheads. I did my research about the company and of course, checked out the compensation plan.

I am now an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International. They are a 29 year old company based in the US and they offer Skin care along with health and wellness products for the whole family. Their products were formulated in Switzerland and are made in the US and don’t contain mineral oil, perfumes or dyes. In the past few years the company has begun to expand into Canada, the UK and Australia.

If you or anyone you know, would be interested in trying some of the products or would like to earn some money from home check out my website http://www.try.myarbonne.com or email me at rebeccad@myarbonne.com I can send product samples and/or let you know how to save 20% or more on your purchases.

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What made you decide to move to the US?

I have a degree in computing and have spent my time since Uni designing and testing computer applications.

After working my butt off at my first job and then being made redundant, I decided that I would make sure that I got paid what I was worth from then on. When I went to England in 1997 I began doing contract work and love being paid by the hour, rather than salary. This was one of the deciding factors in my decision to move to the US. Another significant part, was JD has a Federal job. It comes with a pension at retirement and health benefits, which allows me the freedom to continue contract work.

It would have been too hard to come to the US and have to take a job where you only get 2 weeks holiday a year.

JD gets close to 5 weeks holiday a year so we are able to travel a lot; and I have managed to contract at the same company for almost 7 years and before each contract extension I specify my vacation time.

At the time, 2001, the Aussie dollar was only worth about 50 to 60 US cents so with our love for travel it honestly just made more financial sense.

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I’m too ??? for a home business!

Whatever your reason is for why you don’t believe you can be successful in a home business, is exactly the reason you won’t be successful.

You have to step out of your comfort zone, learn new things, and be willing to be a little retrospective if you want to make a home business work.

Think about your “why”. Why do you REALLY want to work from home?

Find a product or service you are passionate about. Do your research and make sure it is a good fit, for you and the marketplace, and go for it.

I realize that there is not one opportunity that will be perfect for everyone. If you would like some help evaluating your options I am more than happy to help.

I too was looking for the right opportunity and a friend opened a door for me, and for that I am forever grateful.


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What can I use on dry, cracked feet?

What can I use on dry, cracked feet?

I used to miss the way my feet looked before kids.

Ever since my first I noticed that my feet where becoming my dry and scaly and those very unattractive white crack lines…. ugh.

I have tried a lot of different products that were intended for this problem but nothing worked.

I saw this picture of Patrice’s dry, cracked feet after she tried the NutriMinC RE9 Anti-Aging Body Care system for two weeks on one foot … and decided that is was time for me to do the same.

Just 1 week into using the products on my feet I see a significant difference. I wore open shoes today as the white cracks on the back of my heels are no longer visible.

If you are interested in learning more about these safe products and others in this hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested product line let me know.

Free Product samples available upon request

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Warm Belly Wetsuit

Do you have a child doing swimming lessons?

Are they shivering the entire class even though the water is heated?

Have you ever wished they could wear a wetsuit for swim class?

I did. And I thought about it and realized that the sleeves of the wet suit would make it impracticle for proper swimming arm movements for a 2 and 4 year old.

I searched online for hours trying to find something, especially our youngest who has very low body fat and whose lips were almost blue at the end of class.

Eureka!!!! I found it. A wet suit without sleeves that allows arm movement and adjusts in size so you don’t have to buy a new wetsuit every few months.

It is hard to tell in the photos but there are large strips of velcro on the shoulder straps that allow you to adjust the size of the suit. Our kids did winter and summer swim classes in the same suit and I am pretty sure they still fit.

Take a look for yourself. We think they are worth it. Warm Belly Wetsuits


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How did we meet?

The most common question we get asked is how did we meet.

I was living in Sydney and the 2000 Olympics were approaching. To avoid the crowds on public transportation I decided to take a holiday for part of the Olympic celebration. A friend I met the previous year in europe was also interested in getting away so we booked a 14 day Contiki tour of New Zealand. For those who don’t know Contiki is a tour company that specialises in trips for 18 to 35 year olds. They have a huge presence in Europe and are very popular with Australians travelling abroad.

JD had planned for years to go to the Sydney Olympics. The more he planned his trip the more places were recommended to him, including New Zealand. As fate would have it, we booked on the same Contiki tour.

The evening before the tour began I left the hotel room and headed to the elevator to pre-register for the tour. At the same time JD left his room, which was right next door and he joined our conversation. He seemed nice enough…for an American…lol… Neither of us expected that night that we would end up married.

We got to know each other better during those two weeks and then he headed to Sydney for the Olympics. When I got home we got to hang out after work and on the weekends until he left on his tour of Australia.

I came to visit him in the US shortly after Christmas and by the time I left two weeks later we were both certain that we wanted to get married, even though I should have been geographically undesirable….

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Rebecca – Where have you travelled to?

This post is about where I travelled before I met JD.

September 1997 – drove from Sydney to Cairns and back staying in youth hostels and doing day trips and had a ball.

October 1997 – May 1998
Lived and worked in England – Felixstowe, Ipswich and Colchester
Spent my weekends mostly in London and Cambridge.
March 1998 – Visited a good friend in Malta for my birthday
April 1998 – Paris for Easter.
May 1998 – French Riveria for a long weekend and visited Nice, Caine, Antibes and Monte Carlo. Lots of good food, wine and walking.
I would love to take the kids there for a summer and they could learn conversational french in the mornings and we could sightsee in the afternoons.

May 1998 – My first Contiki from London to Athens:- France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Greece. I thought I would avoid the summer heat and leave a little early. The heat came early that year…. but it was still a great trip.
June 1998 – After 3 days on my own in Greece I joined another Contiki tour for 2 weeks of Greek Island hopping!!!!

After all that warm weather I headed back to England but not back to work. It was time for some more London sightseeing and then on to Scotland by train and a Haggas backpackers tour. You get a guided tour of Scotland on a 22 seater bus and stay in backpacker or B & B accomodations. It was a great way to travel and having a true Scot as a tour guide was invaluable. I can’t leave out the importance of the great pub stops along the way…

I did so much that year, I can’t even remember everything anymore….

September – October 1999
Europe was still calling me.
Spain and Portugal with Contiki – more laid back than my previous tours but still lots of fun.
7 days travelling through Morocco with Contiki. I discovered that the orange juice is made from concentrate and they use local tap water to make it….. I am thankful the doctor that came to the hotel was a woman and could speak English… It took me over a month to recover from that one glass… but that didn’t stop me… I had plans.. I wasn’t about to go home yet.
Back to London for beautiful balmy summer nights… time to wash clothes and changes bags for the next part of the journey.
Off to Ireland and my backpackers tour of Southern Ireland. Ireland was very green and beautiful.
I took the ferry at the end of the tour to Hollyhead in Wales and picked up a rental car. For about 5 days I drove the coast visiting castles and seeing the sites on my way to Cardiff. The World Cup was on at the time and I got a sneak peak at the Western Somoa team practicing in the grounds of hotel along the coast. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get tickets to any of the games.

I think this was about the time I headed back to Sydney. I did visit Malta again this trip but again it is all a blur…. I have a diary somewhere…

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