Is my child ready for a booster seat?

We have a son who just turned 5. As he is in Kindergarten and one of the younger kids in the grade, I thought he might feel a little better if he got to move out of his toddler car seat.

He probably has another 6 months or more before he is too tall for his Britax Boulevard.

My husband who I like to refer to as the worrier, started grilling me about what kind of seat are we going to put him in, will it have Side Impact Protection (SIP) like his current seat and what about a 5 point harness.

Now in all fairness I knew he had a point, but our son is having some self-esteem issues and saying goodbye to the toddler car seat could possibly help.
I was not real comfortable with the boosters, even the ones with the backs, until I found a couple that also offer a 5 point harness. I have been on the fence about what to do for about a week or so.

I just found a seat I think I like and as I was looking for local retailers I came across this You Tube video. To all parents who are unsure about moving your child to a booster or who already have and wonder if it is save, PLEASE watch this video. Your child will thank you.

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