Are those email job offers a scam?

If you are getting emails lately from the United Kingdom, Europe or any other country offering a part-time job then please don’t send your details.

This is similar to the Nigerian money scam, and they have just started using either people in the UK or people who look like they are there.

The scam is that they put money in your account and you wire about 90% of it on to another account. The problem is, the money they sent you really hasn’t cleared and when the bank works it out your account will be overdrawn and you will need to come up with the money that you have already spent, by putting it into the other account.

You are on the hook to pay the bank back. Even though the bank showed that the deposit had cleared it hasn’t really. It can take them up to 2 weeks to realize that the funds are not available. By that time you will have already sent on the payment.

So you are actually out of money, rather than making any money.

As the transactions originated overseas they are difficult to track, so don’t risk it.

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