Ride Safer Travel Vest by Safe Traffic System, Inc.

Anyone who travels or has multiple children in car seats and needs more space this is fantastic. I hated having to take our kids car seats with us on vacation. But there was no way I wanted them in a vehicle without being properly restrained. Yes, I know it is the law in the US, but when traveling in South America that is not always the case.  It just never made sense to bring a full size car seat. Now there is an alternative that is safe, and compact in comparison.

The Ride Safer Travel Vest by Safe Traffic System, Inc. is a cool and safe alternative to standard booster seats. The Ride Safer Travel Vest is designed to surround its passenger with energy-absorbing material to protect your child from crash force iBooster Seat Alternativenjuries.


* Meets or exceeds applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. (FMVSS 213)
* Adjustable to fit growing children
* Can be used in all rear seat positions including the center seat (with included tether if lap belt only)
* Improved safety & design over currently available products
* Positions seat belt in front of child
* Portable, compact and easy to use
* Reflective trim for low light conditions
* Made of soft fabric and padding, instead of hard plastics
* Your child can continue to wear it outside of the car
* Repositions lap belt below abdomen, protecting internal organ
* Deformable multi-layered clip for Top Tether System and Shoulder Belt Positioner

Small Size fits children ages 3-6, 35-60 pounds and 38-52 inches tall
Large Size fits children 5-9 years old, 50-80 pounds and 45-57 inches tall

We have used ours in the shuttle too and from the airport. It is now being used for our child when he is in the shuttle bus in the afternoon after school. I no longer have to worry about a 5 year old on the bus without a suitable restraint. This is very easy to use and as he can put it on before the bus arrives all that is left to do is thread the seat belt.

The height of the child is important for this restraint as children on the shorter end of the range may find that it sits too high up. We had to wait until our son was a little taller for him to use it.

Follow this link for pictures and to order from one of my online favorites. This is a small business and the two owners are always willing to answer questions and find out more information if needed.  Ride Safer Travel Vest

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