Where can Business People go for Networking?

OK. So most of you have probably heard about MySpace. In my personal opinion it is great for those in their teens and twenties but once you are out of your twenties the appeal and the content don’t have as much value.

I tried a couple of the web sites/forums for moms and they are good for chatting but on the most part I found the same opportunities offered by many different people. A lot of people were looking for answers but very few were sharing.

I have a knack for finding things by accident. I found DirectMATCHES as part of the SpiderWeb Marketing System. So far I have been very impressed with the opportunity to email, blog and advertise in an environment where I am not constantly being harassed by others about their opportunities.

That being said, you will get emails from others. The idea of the site is to network. If you happen to have something that can benefit someone else then great. If you would like to know more about DirectMATCHES check out my site. http://www.directmatches.com/alwaystraveling-cust

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