Peg Perego Tender (double stroller)

For anyone who has two children close together it is a challenging task trying to pick the right double stroller. I looked at many in the store and at parents and out and about and I really couldn’t find anything I liked in the lower price ranges.
Why? One child was always left unsupported, or I had to remove so many things to fold the stroller and it still wouldn’t fold flat to fit in my trunk and they were heavy!

Now some of you may be surprised that I am not recommending the Duette. Don’t get me wrong I love the stroller but I would have had to buy a bigger vehicle to use that, and I would have left the house a lot less; as I believe the Duette requires that you have to detach the seats each time before you put it in the vehicle.

I am 5’2 and have a small frame so I loved that the Tender weighs only 28 lbs.
It also folds flat and could fit in my trunk. I also loved that my little girl could lie in the back in virtually her own basinet and our son could have a good nap up front and I didn’t have to worry about him falling out.

It did take me a little while to find a diaper bag I liked to use with this one, as my hubby didn’t think $80 was a good price for the Peg diaper bag. With the new S hooks I think you could attach almost any diaper bag.

Here are some of the other things I love about this stroller:

  • You can attach the car seat (Peg Perego and not included) so baby can face you while older brother or sister views the world ahead!
  • Large swivel wheels for easy steering
  • Folds easily and compactly
  • 5-point freedom of movement harnesses for security and well-being of the children
  • Front child tray and adult cup holder
  • Large removable hoods that zip open for ventilation
  • Luxury padded spacious seats
  • Removable, hand washable upholster
  • All-wheel suspension, front swivel wheels and rear wheel brakes
  • New full sized, aluminum chassis with styled oval tubing
  • 3-position backrests and two position footrests
  • 2 separate baskets for necessities
  • The only negative for this stroller (I had the 2005 model) is that I think the back wheels wear out a little too fast/unevenly on cobble stones/pavers. This could be due to the insane speed my husband walks and his crazy steering as well. That being said, it was only around $25 to get replacement rear wheels when I checked with Peg. If you live in a town with pavers/cobblestones you might want to consider the Duette or a stroller with air filled tires.

    Our kids are 20 months apart and we got a good 2 years out of this stroller, and the fabric washed extremely well. We could have gotten a little longer out of it, but our oldest is a climber and was always climbing over the front bar.

    If you live where there is a lot of rain and/or wind I highly recommend using the Protect-A-Bub rain and wind cover with this stroller. Folds up much smaller and doesn’t sweat like than those plastic ones. We tested it in a downpour and it worked!

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