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Black Belt Recruiting released to the public today for a limited time only!

FREE 60 Minute Training Video Reveals How to Sponsor 10+ Reps a Month with ANY Company!

Are you tired of the old school network marketing techniques? You know the 3 foot rule, hanging flyers, bugging your family and friends, and holding hotel meetings.

I know that when I first joined my first network marketing company, I was told to use these same techniques. I was told to make a list of 100 people that I knew and basically call every one of them to ask and see if they would be interested in making some extra money. When that didn’t work I decided to buy some opportunity leads.

Now I was out a lot of money, and had nothing to show for it.

Would you like to learn how to be more efficient, eliminate rejection, increase your sponsoring and OUT RECRUIT your upline?

Take a look at the free Black Belt Recruiting training video and learn the secrets to finding people who want to be in your business.

You can get free instant access to the video here…Click Here!

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Frank Bauer’s New Ad Tracking & Split Testing System

Listen, I just wanted to let you quickly know about my friend, Frank Bauer’s, latest service site… when I saw it, I snatched it up right away. Have you done so too?

Frank calls it the Add2it Go-To System… the one-stop ads, visitors, clicks, actions & sales conversion tracking & split testing solution.

All the top marketers use this to double, triple and quardruple their results… a must have service!

I am sure you will agree once you get your hands on it yourself…


Why Should You Take Advantage Of The Add2it Go-To System?

Here’s what makes the Add2it Go-To System such a smart choice…

– This system protects all of your affiliate links from commission hijackers!

– This system lets you see how well your website or squeeze page converts visitors to sales!

– This system lets you easily track, manage and edit hundreds of your promotions!

– This system tracks your Return On Investment (ROI) from online as well as offline promotions!

– This system doubles, triples and quadruples your conversion rate thanks to the built-in split testing system!

And this is just the beginning! Learn all by clicking below!


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Where can Business People go for Networking?

OK. So most of you have probably heard about MySpace. In my personal opinion it is great for those in their teens and twenties but once you are out of your twenties the appeal and the content don’t have as much value.

I tried a couple of the web sites/forums for moms and they are good for chatting but on the most part I found the same opportunities offered by many different people. A lot of people were looking for answers but very few were sharing.

I have a knack for finding things by accident. I found DirectMATCHES as part of the SpiderWeb Marketing System. So far I have been very impressed with the opportunity to email, blog and advertise in an environment where I am not constantly being harassed by others about their opportunities.

That being said, you will get emails from others. The idea of the site is to network. If you happen to have something that can benefit someone else then great. If you would like to know more about DirectMATCHES check out my site. http://www.directmatches.com/alwaystraveling-cust

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Peg Perego Tender (double stroller)

For anyone who has two children close together it is a challenging task trying to pick the right double stroller. I looked at many in the store and at parents and out and about and I really couldn’t find anything I liked in the lower price ranges.
Why? One child was always left unsupported, or I had to remove so many things to fold the stroller and it still wouldn’t fold flat to fit in my trunk and they were heavy!

Now some of you may be surprised that I am not recommending the Duette. Don’t get me wrong I love the stroller but I would have had to buy a bigger vehicle to use that, and I would have left the house a lot less; as I believe the Duette requires that you have to detach the seats each time before you put it in the vehicle.

I am 5’2 and have a small frame so I loved that the Tender weighs only 28 lbs.
It also folds flat and could fit in my trunk. I also loved that my little girl could lie in the back in virtually her own basinet and our son could have a good nap up front and I didn’t have to worry about him falling out.

It did take me a little while to find a diaper bag I liked to use with this one, as my hubby didn’t think $80 was a good price for the Peg diaper bag. With the new S hooks I think you could attach almost any diaper bag.

Here are some of the other things I love about this stroller:

  • You can attach the car seat (Peg Perego and not included) so baby can face you while older brother or sister views the world ahead!
  • Large swivel wheels for easy steering
  • Folds easily and compactly
  • 5-point freedom of movement harnesses for security and well-being of the children
  • Front child tray and adult cup holder
  • Large removable hoods that zip open for ventilation
  • Luxury padded spacious seats
  • Removable, hand washable upholster
  • All-wheel suspension, front swivel wheels and rear wheel brakes
  • New full sized, aluminum chassis with styled oval tubing
  • 3-position backrests and two position footrests
  • 2 separate baskets for necessities
  • The only negative for this stroller (I had the 2005 model) is that I think the back wheels wear out a little too fast/unevenly on cobble stones/pavers. This could be due to the insane speed my husband walks and his crazy steering as well. That being said, it was only around $25 to get replacement rear wheels when I checked with Peg. If you live in a town with pavers/cobblestones you might want to consider the Duette or a stroller with air filled tires.

    Our kids are 20 months apart and we got a good 2 years out of this stroller, and the fabric washed extremely well. We could have gotten a little longer out of it, but our oldest is a climber and was always climbing over the front bar.

    If you live where there is a lot of rain and/or wind I highly recommend using the Protect-A-Bub rain and wind cover with this stroller. Folds up much smaller and doesn’t sweat like than those plastic ones. We tested it in a downpour and it worked!

    Peg Perego Web Site Product Details

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    Why I like Network Marketing. Hear me out!

    I get many emails a day, including ones from my upline (team) in my Network Marketing business. Today a came across a story that really explains quite simply why I like Network Marketing, and why sometimes it’s worth putting yourself out there…. enjoy….

    DO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU DO? by Jerry Clark.
    I once spoke with a gentleman who was a 54-year old Sales Manager for a major U.S. Computer Company. He had never been in Network Marketing but was highly considering it for the first time.

    He said, “Jerry, I was in London last month on a business trip. A business associate over there gave me a magazine that was published in the U.K. and I saw an article you wrote in it. I didn’t know who you were but I read your article and really got a lot from it. Then I heard you on a radio show when I got back to the U.S., and I thought that was a sign that I should contact you. Over the past 25 years, at least a dozen people have approached me about Network Marketing, but I have never been able to see myself as a distributor.”

    I asked him what interested him about it now, and he said, “Retirement. Based on my investment portfolio and my income I know I won’t be able to retire and continue to live the lifestyle that my wife and I are accustomed to. And based on my research, it appears this thing I’ve been avoiding all these years – Network Marketing – is our best chance to be able to set ourselves up financially within the next 6-8 years. But I just don’t like doing the things that I’ve been hearing that I would have to do in order to make it work.”

    I laughed and said, “Great! Welcome to the crowd.”
    He was puzzled.

    I told him that one of the best parts about building a Network Marketing business is the fact that you don’t have to like it to do it. There was silence on the phone and I knew he was confused so I continued.

    I asked him how long he had been in the workforce. He said over 30 years.
    I then made the following statement to him: “Are you telling me that over the last 30 years you actually liked waking up in the morning to an electronic rooster ringing in your ear? Did you like rushing in the morning to get into traffic and breathe in the exhaust pipe fumes that came from other cars? Did you like working with a bunch of negative people who were constantly engaged in office politics? Did you like being told when you could take a lunch break, take a vacation, how often you could get sick, and how much money you were worth? Did you actually like telling your four children that they couldn’t get the toys they wanted and deserved? Did you like telling your wife that you couldn’t take the vacation that you all deserved and desired? Did you like being bossed around by someone who was less competent than you were?”

    I went on a tangent for at least another minute or two with this type of questioning. I finished by saying, “I didn’t like a lot of what I had to do, but I knew I wasn’t going to like doing all that corporate stuff for 30 or 40 years either. So I figured if I was going to do something I didn’t like, I may as well do it for a shorter period of time. That’s why I chose Network Marketing.

    “Today I’m a 32 year old guy who lives in a 7,000 sq. ft. home, travels the equivalent of five trips around the world each year, associates with positive, uplifting and pumped up people, and wakes up when I’m done sleeping to a beautiful view of trees and the sounds of the waterfall crashing down on my swimming pool. I figured if I was going to do something I didn’t like, I may as well do it for a shorter period of time.

    “So my friend, you can go ahead and spend the next 6-8 years of your life doing something you don’t like and end up flat broke, or you can spend the next 6-8 years of your life doing something you don’t like and set yourself up for life. Nevertheless, don’t be surprised if you start to not only like Network Marketing, but also love it. It’s your life and it’s your choice.”

    By the time the call ended, the guy was in tears. I think he got the point.

    Jerry Clark became a self-made millionaire while still in his 20’s. Today, through his company Club Rhino, Inc., he conducts personal and professional development seminars around the World.

    Interested in knowing more about my Network Marketing Opportunity?
    Visit my website www.FreedomAtHomeTeam.com/Rdoll

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    How do I get traffic to my website or blog?

    If it is a blog then you should be able to use key words and content to drive the traffic.  This does rely on you regularly updating your blog.  Don’t forget to register your blog with the search engines and ping it. – All for free. 

    If you are using WordPress you can use a Plugin to have your new posts and/or updated posts sent to pingomatic automatically.

    Another important step for getting traffic to your blog is sharing your new blog post on Twitter and Facebook.  You can use Networked Blogs on Facebook with an RSS feed to have your posts fed to Facebook.  If your blog is a business one and you also have a Fan Page, then you can have the Feed posted directly to your Fan Page.  If your Facebook Page is linked to a Twitter account then a new Tweet will be automatically sent at the same time.

    With Networked Blogs you can add a Widget to your blog to get followers.  People can follow by visiting your blog or you can send invites to your friends to follow from within Facebook.

    For a website with static content driving traffic to your site is not the same as with a blog.  If you are selling a product and/or service then I recommend listing your business with as many free online directories as possible.  Start with the top 5 for your country and continue to add another 5 a week.  In the USA, Merchant Circle has been a great resource for us.  If you want additional exposure you may want to look into upgrading to a paid service.

    Another option is to set up reciprocal marketing with another blog or site owner.  You put a link/ad on your website in exchange for your link on another.  There are questions amongst Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts as to whether this is a good strategy and whether two or three sites are required.  Opinions on this topic will probably change from month to month so I recommend doing a little bit of research if you are concerned about potential negative impact to your search engine rankings.  

    Do you have additional suggestions or questions?

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